Purchasing a Plantronics HW251N or HW261N? Read this before you do!

Plantronics and Discover headset side by side

Plantronics and Discover headset side by side

If you’re in the market for new wired headsets for your office, chances are high that you’ll be looking at Plantronics. If so, the SupraPlus, HW251N (monaural) and HW261N (binaural) models will probably be considered. That’s normal as these models are common considerations when shopping for wired headsets.

This Blog is designed to ask the question, are these models your best value? In order for me to help answer that question, I need to first consider the typical factors that go into a wired headset decision.

graphic showing the different purchasing factors for buying a headset

Everyone has their own criteria for basing a headset purchase decision. Certainly comfort could be part of the mix as could how the product looks. Still, the factors detailed above are pretty typical.

With so many available choices in wired and wireless headsets today, is a Plantronics HW251N or Plantronics HW261N your best overall value? Let’s compare them to the Discover brand of headsets, specifically, the Discover D711 (monaural) and D712 (binaural).

PRICE: The HW251N and HW261N are typically priced higher than a Discover headset so if you decide to purchase new Discover headsets, you can expect to save money while getting a headset that offers you a great value.

SOUND QUALITY: In blind tests, many found the two brands to sound the same while others thought the Discover models sounded a bit better. Many of the headset manufacturers purchase microphones and speakers from the same source which helps to explain why a lot of the headsets today sound very similar. Something to consider as name brand products don’t always mean superior.

WARRANTY: The Plantronics HW251N and HW261N both come with a 2-year warranty. The Discover D711 and D712 both have a 3-year advance replacement warranty. Getting an exchange is easier when you purchase Discover. No complicated procedure, no “proof of purchase” required. Replacements are sent out in advance which is faster and more convenient.

VENDOR:  You want to make sure you’re dealing with a vendor that’s reputable, respected and has experience. Clearly, Plantronics fits this description, but the odds are, you won’t be purchasing your new headsets directly from them, but a reseller instead. We’ve been helping businesses communicate better for over two decades and we’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. We have the experience to make your headset buying experience the best it can possibly be.

SERVICE SUPPORT: This varies a lot from vendor to vendor. Some will provide you with support for a specific period of time. Others will provide support for the life of the product. Still others don’t provide support at all. Instead, they direct you to the manufacturer for assistance. We don’t do that. We offer free lifetime support on your Plantronics HW251N, HW261N or Discover D711 and D712 for the life of the product. No phone tree either! So either way, Plantronics or Discover, we’ve got you covered.

Plantronics HW251N and Discover D711 pictures

But, the better value goes to the Discover!


Plantronics HW251N and Discover D711 comparison

If you’re in the market for new wired headsets, or plan to be, take a look at the Discover D711 or D712 models. You’ll get a longer warranty and a great sounding headset for a price better than the other guys. Best of all, your purchase is backed by Merritt Communications, a highly rated company that’s been in the headset business for over two decades.

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