What The Heck Is A Headset Amplifier And Why Do I Need It?

businessman scratching head saying why do I need this thing?

businessman scratching head saying why do I need this thing?

If you’re in the market for wired headsets for your office, you might need headset amplifiers to go with them, depending on your phone.

It’s often thought that a headset with its cord is all you need. Actually, it’s a bit more than that. This blog should help to shed some light on the subject of what’s needed when purchasing wired headsets for your office or Call Center.

First, it comes down to the type of phone that the headsets will connect to.

Phone image saying It's all about the phone

If your phone has a modular HEADSET port, then you don’t need an amplifier base. For all the other phones that don’t, then you’ll need an amplifier to go with your new headsets.  The reason is there’s no place for the headset to connect to. The amplifier’s modular plug connects into the HANDSET jack and the headset in turn connects to the amplifier cord.

Headset and Handset port on desk phone

If your phone HAS a headset port, look for a direct connect cable rather than an amplifier base. The headset plugs into this cord and the modular end plugs into the headset port on the phone. By using this cable (below) instead of an amplifier, you’ll save some money and there won’t be as much on your desk.

Quick disconnect direct connect cord for wired office headset

If your phone doesn’t have a headset port then you’ll need an amplifier base. There are some advantages of using one of these connector bases. Below are a few things that amplifiers give you that you don’t get with a direct connect cord.


  1. Regulate speaking volume – up and down
  2. Mute the Microphone – for side conversations, lunching while talking and more
  3. Adjust hearing volume – not everyone speaks loudly and can be hard to hear
  4. Switch from phone to headset by pressing a button – choice is yours
  5. Adapt the headset top to different phones (with or without headset ports) – Versatile


waiters arm with tray serving up 2 key benefits


  1. You’ll hear better which means you won’t miss information or need to ask the caller to repeat.
  2. You’ll be heard better so your callers will get every word without the need for you to repeat.


Having a smooth, clear and easily heard and understood conversation goes a long way in business and having an amplifier with your headset gives you some volume adjustment options.

Not everyone who uses a wired headset needs an amplifier base. But if your phone doesn’t have a headset jack, then you’ll be on a first name basis with your new friend.

The good news is these devices are affordable, give you flexibility and they have a good track record for reliability.


headset amplifier base and direct connect cord graphic

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