Buying an on-ear office headset? Read this before you do!

Discover D903 wireless headset, Jabra Pro 920, Sennheiser Office

Discover D903 wireless headset, Jabra Pro 920, Sennheiser Office

Ears are like fingerprints, no two are exactly the same. With that in mind, it makes sense that there are different styles of headsets available for those who prefer an on-ear wireless experience. What’s comfortable to one person might not be to the next. Ear loops, Ear Gels, Weight of the headset and of course, the design all contribute to the degree of comfort that you’ll experience.

Some people have difficulty when it comes to wearing an on-ear wireless headset, saying:

  • “They never stay on my ear and tend to fall off”
  • “They’re not comfortable”
  • “They make my ear hurt”
  • “Earpieces always flop around and are never secure when I wear them”

The intent of this blog is to provide you with a quick overview of the different types of ear loops found on the most popular wireless headset brands. In doing so, you’ll quickly see that ear loop designs vary a lot from brand to brand and they’re one of the important factors that goes into the headset comfort and fit equation.

The brands that I’ll cover in this blog include Discover, Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser and OfficeRunner.

OK, let’s check em out!

Discover logo is a popular headset brand and within that product line, the most popular selling on-ear headset is the Discover D903 shown below. It’s known to be lightweight and comfortable for all day wearing.

Discover D903 wireless headset with ear buds

This style of wireless headset doesn’t use interchangeable ear loops. Instead, the headset itself is the earpiece. For many, this design might appear bulky, especially when comparing it to other smaller behind the ear designs. Ironically, this design wears much lighter than its appearance and is surprisingly comfortable and balances well on the ear allowing it to score well in the ergonomics and comfort categories. Recently, the ear buds have been updated as shown in the picture above and are much improved and help to make this headset even more comfortable.

Plantronics logo has a couple of on-ear wireless headsets. One of these models has the same basic design as the Discover D903, so that won’t be discussed (I’m referring to the Plantronics model CS530), but the other is the CS540 which is the same design as the Plantronics Savi 740 and uses the same ear loops and ear gels as well as the foam sleeve that slides around the ear loop for added comfort. These ear loops have a slight edge which can irritate the back of the ear making the use of this foam sleeve a very good idea. Most find the CS540 to be a comfortable and lightweight on-ear wireless headset.

Plantronics CS540 CS50 ear loops

The Plantronics CS540 wireless headset comes with three sizes of ear loops and two ear gels. The ear loops are sized small, medium and large. Also pictured are the loops that come with the popular, but discontinued models CS50 and CS55. Those ear loops are much wider when compared to the thinner loops used on the CS540 and Savi 740’s.

Jabra logo Pro 920 uses yet a different design. See below for this brands approach to an ear loop. The loop is bendable so you can squeeze it, molding it to the shape of your ear and as with any on-ear headset, it can be worn on the right or left ears.

Jabra Pro 920 and ear loop

Sennheiser logo SD Office wireless headset uses an ear loop that’s very similar to the Jabra Pro 920. Both have the same basic shape and are bendable allowing you to form it to your ear. This helps to add more stability to the headset as it rests on your ear.

Sennheiser SD Office wireless headset and ear loop

office runner logo is a wireless headset that’s manufactured by Sennheiser. OfficeRunner features an ear loop that’s called the “Super Loop” A picture of this is below. It’s flexible, more comfortable and an improvement over the original Sennheiser ear loop used with the SD Office.

OfficeRunner wireless headset and ear loop

As you can see, the design and shape of ear loops vary by model and brand. One of the very best ways to determine if an on-ear wireless headset will be comfortable for you is to try one (or more) before deciding to purchase. This way, you’ll know if the headset will stay on your ear, be comfortable and of course, sound great. Pictures and videos are helpful, but they can’t tell you how the headset is going to fit YOU as much of fit and comfort comes down to your ear size and shape, the type of ear loop and the size and design of the headset. Try it first and then you’ll know for sure! Lastly, remember that on-ear headsets use an ear tip such as the Discover D903, an ear gel that goes into the ear such as the CS540 or has a speaker that goes against the ear like with the Sennheiser or Jabra products.  By doing some initial groundwork, you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable, great fitting and great sounding headset for years to come!

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