Plantronics CS530 vs. Discover D903. Similar design, but which is better?

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets and iPad that's displaying which is the better value?

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets and iPad that's displaying which is the better value?

If you find yourself in the market for a new office wireless headset and you prefer an on-ear wearing style, you may find yourself considering the Plantronics model CS530.

The CS530 is lightweight, comfortable and manufactured by an excellent company, Plantronics. Before you pull the trigger on ordering the CS530, you’ll want to make a close comparison to that model to the Discover D903.

Though the Discover brand is lesser known than Plantronics, the merits of the D903 justify a look.  This blog is designed to give you a side-by-side comparison of these two excellent headsets. The details presented will give you more information to help you make an informed headset buying decision.

Let’s check em out!

To begin, I think it’s important to establish the typical criteria used for most wireless headset purchases.  That is, what factors are normally taken into consideration when evaluating and then purchasing new headsets. Typically, they include:

  1. Comfort how comfortable is the headset?
  2. Costhow much does the headset cost?
  3. Sound Quality can I expect professional sound quality?
  4. Featureswhat features come with the headset?
  5. Warrantyhow long is the warranty?
  6. Compatibilitywill the headset work with my phone?
  7. Battery Talk Timehow long can I talk before needing to recharge the battery?


Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

Wearing either wireless headset, you should expect to have a lightweight, comfortable headset wearing experience. Many people who wear these models say that they forget they even have a headset on. Though the Discover D903 is .1 oz heavier, this additional weight is not perceptible when wearing. Still, the nod goes to the CS530 for this .1 oz.

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

The price advantage goes to the Discover D903 when comparing the MSRP prices between both models. Naturally, prices will vary when shopping around, but you can expect to pay about the same for a Discover D903 as a Plantronics CS530. The nod has gone to the D903 in this case due to the MSRP pricing being lower on the Discover headset.

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

We’ve done tests where we’ve made phone calls to different people and asked them to rate the sound quality between these two models. Asking them which one sounds better “headset 1” or “headset 2”? The results overall ended up being they both sounded equally well. So, no sound advantage for either model. This might be due to the fact that most headset manufacturers purchase speakers and microphones from the same source.

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

The features advantage clearly goes to the Discover D903.

Battery: With the Discover D903 you can replace the battery when needed for $19.99. The CS530 requires that you replace the headset because the battery isn’t replaceable. On the subject of batteries, the D903 gives you 33% more talk time than the CS530 battery (9 hours vs. 6) and charges 75% faster (45 minutes for a full charge vs. 3 hours). If you forget to put your headset on to the charger at night before going home, you won’t come to work the next day with a dead battery. With the CS530, you will have a dead battery.

Phone & PC Connectivity. The Plantronics CS530 connects to a desk phone only. The Discover D903 connects to a desk phone AND to a PC. Great for webinars, desk top video conferencing, watching instructional videos or simply listening to music while working. The D903 future proofs you with this additional connectivity.

Warranty. When it comes to warranties, longer is always better and the Discover D903 has a warranty that’s twice as long as the Plantronics CS530 and includes advance replacement. Extra bonus!

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets


Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

All commercial grade headsets, wired and wireless have the same ability to connect to a wide assortment of desk phones. The Discover D903 gets the advantage in this case because it not only connects to 98% of phones, like the other brands, but it also connects to your PC. This, as noted previously, is a notable advantage, especially given the fact that more emphasis is being directed towards desktop PC applications in which a computer compatible headset would be advantageous.


Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headsets and man at crossroads

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with either of these headsets. Both are comfortable and sound great. The Discover D903 simply gives you more for your money. More warranty, more talk time, more connection options and a more sensible battery situation all for a price at or below that of the Plantronics CS530. If you’re a name brand person, then the CS530 might be the perfect headset for you. If you like getting the best bang for your buck, hands down, the Discover D903 is your new headset. End of story!

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