3 Steps To Fix Your Plantronics C054 Echo

graphic of circles with the word echo inside

Headset echo is one of the most common inquiries that we get and troubleshooting in most cases will get this resolved. So, I’m confident this Plantronics C054 echo guide will point you in the right direction to eliminate the echo in your headset!

Step 1 and 2

On the bottom of your C054 charging base is a switch labeled, A-G. Ensure this setting is on A. BUT keep in mind some telephones require you to change this setting. If this setting is off you’ll have a huge echo or horrible sound quality and that won’t be good for you or your caller.

Secondly, like in the image below, there’s a microphone and speaker control. The factory standard is setting 2 so lets start there on each.

Plantronics C054 Echo

Step 3

In many cases talking with customers, the telephone volume is at max! Turn your telephone volume down to about 50 or 60% and leave it there.

After these adjustments, you might be saying “well now I can’t hear!”. That’s okay because the echo should now be gone and the fun part begins.

telephone keypad

Balance your volumes

Once the settings and volumes have been adjusted like steps 1-3, the Plantronics C054 echo should now be gone.

Now if the volume for hearing callers isn’t enough, leave your telephone volume where it’s at and adjust the volume on your earpiece like the image below. If this doesn’t increase the volume loud enough for you, then on the bottom of your C054 charging base, change the speaker setting to 3.

C054 volume controls

Do you see what we’re doing here? You’re looking for the right balance to hear callers comfortably, while still being able to adjust volumes without the echo coming back.

The echo in your Plantronics C054 wireless headset should now be gone. If this guide doesn’t resolve the issue, contact us today and our support team would be glad to help you further!

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