How To Replace Your Plantronics C054 Ear Tips and Ear Hook

Out of the box your Plantronics C054 comes included with a small, medium and large ear hook as well as a medium and large ear tip. Your Plantronics C054 ear tips and ear hooks are easy to change and can be used on the right or left ear.

Before we get started you’ll need the Plantronics C054 ear tips and ear hook kit below.

plantronics c054 ear tips

If you only need the c054 ear tips only, they come in a pack of 25 for small or medium at either link below.

Step 1 replacing your C054 ear tip and ear hook

Gently pull the ear tip from your headset and rotate the ear hook down 90 degrees until you feel a small click.

Plantronics C054 ear tips and ear hook replacement.png

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