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2 step pairing guide for your Plantronics CS351N/CS361N headset

Quick and easy tips on pairing your Plantronics CS351 and CS361 wireless headsets. Includes helpful pictures.

If your Plantronics CS351N/CS361N headset wont turn on try this 2 step pairing guide.

Are you not getting a dial tone? Is your headset not tuning on? Have you followed the directions exactly and still nothing? These are some of the questions you maybe asking yourself and if it is, this simple pairing guide is the answer to your problems!


cs351n troublshoot1. With your Plantronics CS351N/CS361N Headset earpiece in the charging base, press and hold the gray oval button shown in the picture above. Hold for about 5 seconds or until a solid green light appears.Back of base pairing2. On the back of your CS351N/CS361N charging base their is a plus a minus button shown in the picture above, press and hold these buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds or until you see a flashing red light come on the front of your Plantronics charging base.

3. Now, wait until the red light on the front of your charging base goes solid and the green light on your headset goes out. You should now be paired and ready to use your headset.

If you still have questions or need some free support, reach out to us today and we’ll be glad to help! Click here to get our contact info.











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