8 Steps To Enable Electronic Hook Switch Control With Polycom Telephones

If you have a Polycom telephone and use or plan on using a Discover, Plantronics, Jabra or Sennheiser wireless headset system, then chances are you’ll want the feature to answer calls remotely for wireless freedom.

Polycom phones compatible with EHS control:

In order to answer calls remotely you’ll need what’s called an Electronic Hook Switch cable and this adapter is always sold separate from the wireless headset of your choice.

Discover EHS for Polycom

Plantronics EHS for Polycom

Jabra EHS for Polycom

Sennheiser EHS for Polycom

In order for the cable to work properly, you’ll need to enable the EHS feature on your Polycom phone by following the 8 steps below.

Step 1

Depending on the Polycom phone model you have you’ll either have settings or menu. On the Polycom phone model that has menu, you’ll click menu first, then settings.

polycom electronic hook switch enable.png

Step 2

Click Basic.

polycom electronic hook switch enable 2.png

Step 3

Click Preferences

polycom electronic hook switch 8.png

Step 4

Click Headset

polycom electronic hook switch enable 3

Step 5

Click Headset Memory

polycom electronic hook switch enable 4.png

Step 6

Ensure headset memory is enabled

polycom electronic hook switch 5.png

Step 7

Click back one screen to select Electronic Hook Switch mode

polycom electronic hook switch enable 6.png

Step 8

Once in this screen you’ll need to enable the EHS mode depending on the headset you have. IF you have a Discover wireless headset you’ll want this setting to be on Jabra mode.

polycom electronic hook switch enable 7.png


Once you select this mode your phone will reboot and as long as your EHS cable has been installed, you’ll now have the feature to answer/end a call directly from your wireless headset.

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