Best over-the-head wireless headset for your Cisco phone.

Discover D901 wireless headset saying it's just the best

Discover D901 wireless headset saying it's just the best

Cisco phones are very popular today as more and more businesses migrate to Voice over iP (voip) phone systems. In doing so, many companies and Government Agencies alike are also in need of a reliable, affordable, great sounding comfortable wireless headset.

This blog is designed to introduce you to a new wireless headset model that works well with Cisco phones and offers a number of features designed to give you a much better value in a lightweight, great sounding wireless headset.

First, what are the typical needs that someone might have when searching for a new wireless headset to go with their new Cisco phones?  Here are some of the more common things that most people are interested in.

  1. Comfort. Of course you want comfort. Who wants to wear a headset all day long only to have it killing you with pain by the end of the day? No thanks! So, comfort is almost always on the list.
  2. Sound Quality. Having a comfy headset but one that sounds horrible won’t work either. Ditch those that sound crappy and stay focused on models that help you to sound every bit as good as your telephone handset, if not better. Can you hear me now?  Oh yeah.
  3. Affordability. Though price isn’t always the #1 factor when looking for that perfect wireless headset, it generally appears on the list somewhere. So, you just can’t rule out the affordability factor.
  4. Features. Okay, we’re talking about a headset here and there can’t be all that much, right? Maybe, but there are differences among the different brands and models. Having a good idea what you want and need will help to narrow down the field.
  5. Warranty. Most people would agree that a longer warranty is better than a shorter one. With wireless headsets, it’s no different. If you can get a longer warranty and not have it cost you more, why wouldn’t you?
  6. Company reputation. As with any item you’re looking to buy, you want to get it from a source that’s reputable and will stand behind the product. Pretty important point if you run into a need for service or support.

Okay, with this as our backdrop, what over-the-head style headset would work best with your Cisco iP phone? Man pondering with a question mark above his head

Consider the new Discover D901 Long Range wireless headset. Here’s why:

graphic showing wireless headset range comparison

Longest wireless talk range. Like a warranty, longer is better. Given a choice would you prefer a product that offers twice the range or half?  If you’re like most people, longer is likely rolling around your noggin. The Discover D901 wireless headset gives an unequaled talk range rated up to 1200 feet. Comparing this to the industry norm of up to 350 feet and you’ll quickly see the advantage. If you’d like to read more on this, check out our other blog on wireless range by clicking here.

Graphic of a battery and a clock

Battery. The Discover D901 gives you the ability to charge a battery four times faster than other wireless headsets. It provides a full charge in 45 minutes compared to a typical recharge time of 3 hours. A full recharge can occur in less time than your lunch break.

The Discover D901 has a customer replaceable battery that delivers up to 9 hours of talk time that’s longer than most brands which offer talk times between 6 to 8 hours. Also, if you forget to place your headset on to the charger before leaving work at the end of the day, you won’t arrive to work the next morning facing a dead battery. The Discover D901 is unique in that it shuts off automatically after a period of non-use. With other brands, you will absolutely have a dead battery in the morning and up to a 3 hour wait while it recharges.

If you’d like to see how the leading wireless headsets stack up in terms of battery talk time, click here to read one of our other blogs on the subject.

Dual connectivity with phone and PC icons

Connectivity. A typical wireless headset will connect to your Cisco phone just fine. The Discover D901 not only does that but it also connects to your PC. What value is PC connectivity you ask? Very handy for webinars/web training, desk top video conferencing calls, Softphone use, listening to music while working and more. Priced like a single connection wireless headset, the Discover D901 gives you more for your money and who doesn’t like that?

image of a scroll which reads warranty and posing the question, what do you get?

Warranty. A typical wireless headset offers a one year warranty. The Discover D901 offers you a two-year warranty. Longer is better when it comes to warranties. As frosting on the cake, you also get advance replacements. This means that if a replacement is needed, you’ll receive your replacement before we receive the defective unit from you. What this means is exchanges are faster and headset downtime is minimized. With the other guys, it’s not as fast and it’s not as easy.

icons of two stereo speakers and a sofa

Light weight, comfy and great sound.  The Discover D901 weighs less than competing brands which means it’s lighter on your head allowing you to wear it all day long. The sound quality is excellent as well which means that you’ll hear your callers clearly and they’ll hear you crystal clear as well. Exactly what you want, need and expect!

stack of money with red line and circle through it

Affordable. The Discover D901 is priced comparably to headsets that offer fewer features and shorter warranties. This means that with a D901 you’ll get a better value in a great sounding, comfortable wireless headset that’s guaranteed to be compatible with your Cisco phones.Discover D901 wireless headsetIf you’d like to try one out, free of charge, right in your office, request a demo today by clicking below!

graphic on trying out a wireless headset for free