4 Reasons why an Electronic Hookswitch Cable Crushes A Handset Lifter If You Use A Polycom iP Phone

EHS cable, handset lifter and voip phone with rock crushing lifter

EHS cable, handset lifter and voip phone with rock crushing lifter

If you currently use or plan to use a Polycom Voice over iP (voip) phone and want to use a wireless headset with remote call answering, read this before making your headset decision.

The purpose of this blog is to point out the advantages that an Electronic Hookswitch cable offers over a handset lifter accessory.  Both products perform the same function, which is to alert you when receiving an incoming call and also to allow remote call answering and ending of phone calls when away from the desk.  The price for these two products is comparable so why would you choose one over the other? Consider the points below.

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Easy to set up.  When you compare the setup of an Electronic Hookswitch Cable to a Handset Lifter, The EHS cable comes away as the undisputed champ. Simply plug each end of the cable into the correct ports, adjust the settings on your Polycom phone and you’re done. Compare this to the Lifter which requires that you use double-sided tape to get it positioned properly on the phone, make a height adjustment, plug it in to the headset base, test it and continue adjusting. Worse yet, when the handset lifter “lifts” the handset receiver out of the phone cradle, the receiver slides downward which prevents the it from hanging up properly. This problem can be solved, but it requires the use of an “L” bracket that also adheres to the phone and prevents the handset from sliding. Click here for more information on the L bracket.

Handset lifter L bracket and a Polycom iP phone

Not ideal for sure and requires period fussing which is avoided completely by choosing the EHS cable instead.

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Easy to relocate. As with the setup, re-locations are a breeze.  Unplug and re-plug if needed, or you can  simply re-locate the EHS cable with the phone connected. If a lifter needs to be removed and reattached, it requires you to refresh the double-sided tape and repeat the setup process all over again.  It’s a pain the first time and a bigger pain the second time on. Skip the hassle and just buy the EHS cable, you’ll be glad you did.

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Consistent performance. Being that a handset lifter requires periodic adjustments or realignment, you can experience performance that’s inconsistent. This is because a lifter is a mechanical device that is physically raising and lowering the handset out of the cradle and over time, the double-sided tape can become less adhesive resulting in shifting of the lifter. An EHS cable, by contrast, isn’t lifting anything.  Instead, it electronically does its job which makes it a no brainer solution when considering these two remote call answering options.

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Price. Granted, we’re not all swimming in cash and most of us haven’t won the lottery lately.  But don’t worry, handset lifters and EHS cables won’t cost you any more than a decent steak dinner including tip and your favorite dessert. In spite of the fact that a hookswitch cable is superior to a lifter from many perspectives, the costs of these two products are essentially the same at under $80.00 which is reasonable for having remote answer capability. This being the case, why would you get a lifter for your Polycom iP phone?  No reason as far as I can tell.

Bottom Line. An EHS cable won’t cost you any more than a handset lifter. An EHS cable sets up far easier and works better, longer and without need for tinkering. You won’t need an L bracket because an EHS cable doesn’t lift the handset receiver. You can relocate an EHS cable to another phone without any hassle whatsoever. All things considered, there’s absolutely zero reason to consider a handset lifter if you’re using Polycom iP phones in conjunction with a wireless headset.

If you have questions about any of this, give us a call or shoot us an email.  We’ll be happy to help.  Our contact information can be found here.

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