5 reasons why the Discover D903 is the best on-ear wireless headset for your Cisco iP phone

D903 plus Cisco phone equals thumbs up

D903 plus Cisco phone equals thumbs up

Cisco phone users will love the new Discover D903 on-ear wireless headset!

Everyone who uses a headset wants one that’s comfortable and sounds great. The Discover D903 delivers on both fronts and works great with Cisco phones.

Discover D903 wireless headset

So what makes the Discover D903 the best on-ear wireless headset value?

black icon of an easy chairComfort. Everyone who uses a headset wants it to be comfortable. Who likes going home at the end of the day with pain caused by an uncomfortable headset? The Discover D903 is comfortably worn over the ear and features soft, spongy ear tips designed with comfort in mind so you’ll have a comfortable wearing experience. Many of our customers say that it’s so light they don’t even know they’re wearing it.

black sound iconSound Quality. The purpose of having a headset is not only to give you a hands free and wire free communication experience, but it’s also to give you sound quality that’s equal to or better than the sound provided by a handset. The Discover D903 has great sound quality with personal volume controls that allows you to hear and be heard crystal clear. Just what you want and need.

black icon of connectivityDual Connectivity. Most wireless headsets used with a Cisco phone connect to the phone only. The Discover D903 gives you more (but won’t cost you more). Rather than connection to your Cisco phone only, the D903 also connects to your PC which is handy for things like web-based training, desk top video conferencing, listening to music while working and more. The D903 offers you a far better overall value.

black and white icon of a batteryBattery. This is a pretty important part of a wireless headset. Talk time, replacement capability, recharge time and more. When it comes to battery, the Discover D903 scores well above the others. You get up to 9 hours of talk time which is 33% more than comparable models, a battery recharge 4 times faster at 45 minutes vs. up to 3 hours and if the headset is left off the charger overnight, you won’t have a dead battery in the morning. With any other model, you will. The benefit is you won’t start off your day cradling the handset on your shoulder while using your PC. Battery recharging can take place over a typical lunch hour and when a replacement battery is needed, you can replace it for under $30.00 in less than 1 minute. Other brands require that you replace your headset which is costly and if designed better, unnecessary.

If you’d like to read more on battery talk time comparsions by brand, check out our other blog on the subject by clicking here.

black icon of headset with wireless connectionRemote call answering. By selecting a Discover D903 wireless headset, you won’t sacrifice the ability to take calls when away from your desk. The D903 efficiently and affordably lets you take calls remotely with the use of an optional handset lifter accessory or Electronic Hookswitch Cable. No missed calls, no annoying voice messages to listen to and better customer service.

When you select a Discover D903 you get more!

  • Connection to your desk phone AND to your PC – more use options for you
  • Up to 33% longer talk time – handy for those heavy phone days
  • 4 times faster battery charge time – less waiting, more talking
  • A customer replaceable battery – no need to replace your headset
  • A warranty that’s twice as long – more convenience and longer peace of mind
  • Affordable remote call answering – convenient, efficient and affordably priced
  • A comfortable, great sounding wireless headset experience – just what you need.

If you’d like to check out a new Discover D903 for free, right in your office, click below. There’s no cost and no obligation to experience a better value in an on-ear wireless headset.

Discover D903 wireless headset