3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Microphone Wind Screen With Your Office Headset.

mic screen and Discover D901 wireless headset

mic screen and Discover D901 wireless headset

Whether you use a wired headset or a wireless model, you might wonder what’s the point in using that foam, spongy wind screen for the headset microphone?

This blog is intended to point out a few reasons why using a microphone wind screen is a good idea. First up is perhaps the most important reason.

black icon of headset with wireless connection SOUND….

Everyone wants great sound, especially if you’re on a headset trying to close that big deal. That might not happen with residue from your Chicken sandwich parked in the opening of your microphone. Your callers will be struggling to hear you as your pitching your product or service through a few strands of shredded protein or veggies.

You see, it’s common to snack or eat lunch while wearing a headset. This is a practice that’s taken place for decades. After all, you want to get your work done and that might mean working through your lunch hour.  Like magic, particles from your lunch can find their way into your microphone like little food magnets.

sandwich running towards a Discover D901 microphone

The message here is to protect your microphone by placing over it a small, foam wind screen. Discover headset microphone wind screen As the name implies, its original use was to remove wind noise that might blow across the microphone resulting in poor sound quality. But in today’s office environment an equally important function of a mic screen is to keep “foreign objects” out of the mic. This is one of the leading causes for microphone problems with voice tube headsets; food particles clogging up the mesh screen found on the end of a voice tube. Even noise canceling microphones can become problematic as a result of this.

wind blowingWIND…..

Today, wireless headsets are becoming the go to product for many office professionals with wireless sales outpacing wired models. Some of the reasons why this is so include eliminating wires, having both hands free and best of all, having the ability to be mobile as you do your work. With mobility in mind, wireless headsets today provide good wireless talk range. At the top of the pack in the wireless range category is the new Discover D901 Long Range wireless headset. This headset is rated up to 1200 feet of wireless range compared to other brands that offer up to 350. This extra range means you have a lot of versatility how you can use this headset. You might go into noisy environments, past fans, air conditioners, heaters or even outside. Though most headsets have a noise canceling microphone, this doesn’t typically help in cases of wind. Placing a wind screen over the microphone can help to clean up distracting wind noise and restore sound to a normal level.

snake, puffer fish and airborn cork from champagne bottleCLEANING UP HOW WE SOUND….

When we talk, we all hiss, puff and pop when formulating our words, especially when using words that start with “P” and “S” for example. This can result in our callers not fully understanding us and asking us to repeat ourselves. The cleaner the conversation and the smoother it goes, the better are your odds that you’ll leave them with a favorable impression which is elementary to getting things done.

Pop on a microphone wind screen and say goodbye to all that hissing, puffing and popping.

snake, puffer fish, champagne uncorked and goodbye in foreign languages

If you’re using a headset or plan to in the near future, consider adding a microphone wind screen. It will help to keep your conversations clear and distraction free allowing both you and your callers to focus on what’s important, your message and not what’s going on around you.

If you’d like some tips on improving your phone voice, check out this article by Audrey Hunt posted on April 5, 2017. She offers a variety of suggestions on how you can improve your phone voice.

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