How to improve productivity for phone users in offices

metal gears with personal productivity engraved

metal gears with personal productivity engraved

Everyone who works in an office, to a greater or lesser degree, count on phone communications to conduct business and get things done.

How can you, as a phone user, improve your productivity  in the office? What things can you do?

This blog will give you a few things to think about if improving productivity is something you want to accomplish.

To begin, one way to help improve productivity is to minimize those distractions in your office that keep you from focusing and maintaining your concentration. Based on research, a distraction that bothers a lot of people is noise. That is, ambient office noise such as co-workers talking and carrying on in the background. Hard to concentrate when you have noisy co-workers, right?

businessman in foreground bothered by sound and co-worker in background loudly talking on phone

Noisy office equipment such as fans, heaters, air conditioners, printers, fax machines, telephones and a lot more can all contribute to a noisy work environment which can be detrimental to a healthy work environment. Even the material that your office is constructed of makes a difference. Hard surfaces such as glass, tile and granite can magnify the problem of noise by allowing all the sound to bounce around causing a whirlwind of unwanted, distracting sound. On the other hand, sound absorbing material such as sheet rock, carpet, acoustic tile and curtains for example, have a sound absorbing quality that helps to minimize sound by absorbing it.

One tool offered by Jabra helps to alert Supervisors and co-workers when noise levels have reached or exceeded Company established limits. Once alerted, co-workers can work to tone down their noise levels and Supervisors can help too by managing down the noises heard.  Click here to go to the Jabra page that talks about Jabra Noise Guide.

Jabra Noise Guide product shown in an office with employee in background smiling

Managing noise levels can really go a long way towards having the right work environment, one that helps to foster productivity.

Another thing that can help to improve productivity is Ergonomics.


Having office workers who are provided with the tools necessary to keep them comfortable and healthy will also keep them productive. When you have a neck that’s screaming with pain because you cradle a phone on your shoulder, productivity isn’t enhanced, it’s impaired. Having sore wrists from using a standard keyboard and mouse without wrist rests can create pain that goes well beyond 8-5 and can even become debilitating. Providing ergonomic assessments and acting on the recommendations will help to improve productivity in your office. A healthy happy employee is a more productive one.

Make sure to take regular breaks is another way to improve productivity.

break time

At one time or another, everyone has experienced the feeling of spinning your wheels and not really able to get things done.  Often times this is a cry for you to take a break. In doing so, you’ll return from your break with a fresh perspective and a clearer mind.

There are countless studies that discuss the value and benefits of taking breaks. One short article on the subject succinctly illustrates the benefits. Check out this blog by Kate Bartalotta from the Huffington Post titled 5 Science-Backed ways taking a break boosts our productivity.

We all want to be productive because being productive and effective helps us to get recognized which we all like. It also helps us to get promoted where we can make more money and in the end, it helps us to feel good about ourselves knowing that we’re doing a good job for our employer and making a contribution to its success.

Minimizing interruptions including cell phone distractions helps productivity

man with chain saw being distracted by cell phone call

“Lost minutes can add up to lost hours” according to CareerBuilder spokesperson Jennifer Grasz and employers see mobile phones as the number one distraction in the workplace today according to a Harris Poll.

Here are the top five ways that employees use mobile phones according to research (listed in order)

  1. Personal messaging 
  2. Weather sites 
  3. News 
  4. Gaming 
  5. Shopping 

No matter what the distraction, they all erode productivity and each time you’re distracted it takes an estimated 4 minutes to regain your focus.  Imagine how many distractions you get each day times four minutes, and that’s just the recovery time! Talking about a time killer, this is a Ninja assassin.

Ninja saying I'm coming to kill your time

Keep distractions to a minimum and you’ll be more productive during the work day. If you’d like to read a blog article specifically on distractions as productivity killers authored by Susie Poppick, click here.

Another way to improve productivity for office workers is to consider buying a Long Range wireless headset Like the new Discover D901 Long Range Wireless Headset. You’ll also want to get the optional remote call answering feature as well. This setup will allow you to work hands free, wire free with the ability to answer and end calls when away from your desk which really enhances productivity.

According to a study by the Maynard company, an office worker can increase productivity by as much as 40% when using a headset versus a handset. As an added bonus, the study also concluded that workers are 43% healthier too. This means no aches and pains from cradling a phone on the shoulder, no visits to the Doctor and no physical therapy.  Better yet, no surgery.  A headset is a very cost-effective device that pays dividends in a variety of ways.

Why does a headset allow you to become more productive at the office?

  • You’re hands free – no handset to hold and both hands are available
  • You’re wire free – no cords to get tangled up and in the way and you’re to move around your office as needed.
  • You’ll feel better. You come to work and leave work feeling better
  • You won’t miss important calls – with a wireless headset you’re able to take calls up to 1200 feet from your desk. This gives you a lot more flexibility & freedom.
  • Voice mails will be dramatically reduce if not eliminated. If you like listening to voice mails, taking notes, returning calls (only to get their voice mail) and leaving messages, then maybe a wireless headset isn’t for you.  If the voice mail gig isn’t your cup of tea (or cup of Joe for you coffee drinkers), then a wireless headset is the ticket. Use a Discover D901 Long Range wireless headset for example, and you’ll quickly see the benefits. Lightweight, comfortable, great sounding and super efficient which can really help you get more done.

Discover D901 wireless headset

There are a ton of things you can do that will enhance or improve productivity.  In this blog I’ve only talked about a few of them and I haven’t even brought up things you can do in the morning to get your day started right.  Arriving to work refreshed, rejuvenated, rested, motivated and with a great attitude ready to go can go a long way towards getting the most out of your day. I’ll save that for another installment.

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