2 good reasons why a double ear headset is your best bet if you work in a busy Office or Call Center.

Discover wired and wireless headsets

Discover wired and wireless headsets

Wearing a headset over the head is a very popular wearing style. Some prefer wearing a headset that covers one ear, while others prefer a double ear model. So what’s the reason why more and more people are opting for the double ear version over its single ear cousin?

In this blog you’ll learn why double ear headsets are gaining in popularity and who stands to benefit most from this dual ear wearing style.

In today’s office environment, there’s been a shift in the way businesses position people. In years past, the norm was to work in a cubicle or if you were among the more fortunate, a private office. More recently, there’s been a migration towards a more open office structure. The purpose of this open structure is to get everyone together to help stimulate the creative juices while fostering collaboration. This open configuration, though well intended, does have an undeniable drawback.

One drawback of an open office environment is distractions and noise.

animated person yelling with megaphone annoying another person

That’s where a binaural (Duo) headset begins to shine. A binaural (double ear) headset covers both ears. Having both ears covered can help to protect you from some of the distracting noises taking place around you. Some binaural headsets have a feature called Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). See the image below for one example of ANC used in conjunction with a binaural headset.

Jabra Evolve 80 UC headset with Active Noise Cancellation

ANC is an electronic filter that counteracts noise helping you to hear less of it. So, benefit number one is:

black icon of a speaker with sound waves YOU CAN HEAR BETTER WITH A DUO HEADSET

Everyone wants to be able to hear when they’re on a phone call or trying to concentrate. A double ear headset is your best choice to get into the concentration zone and stay there. It’s believed that each distraction takes four minutes to regain your original focus, so helping to eliminate the effects of distracting room noise can help in a big way.

icon of an ear with a line through itA Duo Headset is beneficial to those who have hearing struggles

Clearly not everyone hears the same. Some people have acute hearing while others, not so much. For those who are hearing challenged, having a duo headset can make a huge difference in their ability to have a normal phone conversation. Something most of us take for granted. Ambient room noise competes  If additional volume is needed, beyond what the headset can provide, there’s an affordable attachment that can be purchased for under $40.00 that increases incoming hearing  volume by as much as 300%. One example is the Clarity HA40Clarity HA 40 telephone amplifier

In general, the key value points when using a double ear headset over others is 

  • It helps to minimize distractions taking place around you.
  • You can hear better and concentrate better because you’re not hearing all the distractions around you.
  • If you’re hard of hearing, you have a much better chance of hearing with a double ear headset over the other wearing types because you have sound going to both ears.

On the flip side, binaural headsets are a little heavier, cost a little more and don’t allow you to hear things going on around you because both ears are covered. Still, if hearing well, focus, concentration and not being bothered by office distractions are your primary goals, then a binaural headset is likely the right solution for you.

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