Is your Plantronics HL10 handset lifter hanging up on you? Read this for the cure

business woman pulling her hair in frustration

business woman pulling her hair in frustration

Anyone who’s experienced it knows the frustration. You know what I’m talking about. You’re on an important phone call and at some point during your call, your handset lifter that’s used with your wireless headset, decides to go rogue on you and hangs up in the middle of your call. Not only was your caller hung up on, but they were served up a healthy heaping of dial tone. Not exactly the type of impression you were hoping to make nor the outcome you were anticipating.

In this blog I’ll provide you with a¬†few thoughts on what you can do to help avoid this disaster from happening to you. This is a surprisingly common occurrence, but one that’s easy to resolve in most cases. Get started by trying this:

Make an adjustment to your handset lifter height control

Handset lifters have the ability to adjust how high the handset is raised out of the phone cradle. This adjustment takes just a moment and is likely the root cause of your hang up problem. Below is an image of where this adjustment is located and what it looks like.

Plantronics HL10 handset lifter

The height adjustment is located on the back of the handset lifter. The button you see above allows you to make an adjustment on the height your handset lifts out of the cradle of your phone. The hang up problem being discussed here is many times caused by this button being on the lowest setting. This is especially true if your phone sits fairly flat rather than one that has a pitch or angle to it. What happens in a lot of cases is the lifter, being on the lowest setting, fails under the pressure that’s pressing down on it from the weight of the handset. The result? The handset hangs up and your call is gone.

adjustable desk phone stand

A lot of desk phones come with a stand that allows you to change the pitch of the phone. You can increase the angle or you can decrease it. In the case where a lifter is hanging up calls randomly, try changing the angle so that your phone has a slightly increased pitch. This takes away some of the downwards pressure and weight the handset receiver has on the lifter. This, by itself, can eliminate the lifter hang up problem. The other thing you can do is to leave the angle where it is and increase the height adjustment one, or in extreme cases, two clicks up from the lowest setting. The added height can accomplish the same thing as changing the angle of the phone.

icon of a battery

If your wireless headset battery is old and struggles to maintain a charge, that can cause a handset lifter to perform inconsistently including abrupt call termination. Check to see how long it’s been since the battery in your wireless headset was replaced. If its been two years or longer, I’d recommend replacing it. Once replaced, charge the battery fully before testing to see if the lifter hang up issue resolves.

graphic of the words faulty product

A lifter, by design, goes through the ongoing process of raising and lowering the telephone handset. Over time, this can cause wear which can manifest itself in the form of unexpected hang ups. If your wireless headset is aging, it too can develop problems that can result in abrupt dropping of calls. If you’ve made the adjustments as suggested in this blog and replaced the battery but still having the issue, it might be time to consider a replacement. Your choices are to buy new or refurbished.

Refurbished headsets are becoming very popular. Often, the warranty is the same as new equipment and if purchased from a reputable source (such as us), the condition can be near new at a price you’ll like.

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