Best wireless headset for phone

Discover D901 wireless headset saying it's just the best

Discover D901 wireless headset saying it's just the best

Here’s the deal. You’re in need of a good wireless headset for your current phone or for the new phone you just received. Maybe you’re looking for the best wireless headset for your office staff or sales team. In either case, you want a good quality, great sounding, comfortable and affordable wireless headset for phone. There are a number of options available to you, so which do you select?

In this blog, I’ll give you my view on the best choice you can make when it comes to selecting a wireless headset for your phone and why.

It's All About Best Value

There are a number of things that help to make up best value. Among them are:

  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • Features
  • Warranty
  • Price

If you want the very best value in a wireless headset for phone, look no further than the new Discover D901 wireless headset.


The Discover D901 is extremely lightweight which makes it perfect for all day wearing. Having a great sounding, fully featured wireless headset that’s uncomfortable brings no value to you, so it’s got to be light a comfy. The Discover D901 is.

Sound quality

Having a comfortable, fully featured wireless headset for phone isn’t a valuable business tool unless it sounds good. After making a few phone calls with the Discover D901, you’ll find that the sound quality is every bit as good as any of the major brands and in some cases, even better.  Sound quality….check!


The Discover D901 offers the most popular features today and more. Here’s what you can expect to receive when you decide on a D901

  • Connection to your desk phone
  • Connection to your PC (for webinars, video calls, music and more)
  • Wireless talk range up to 1200 feet which is 3 times further than other brands. Want to read more on the value of having a long-range wireless headset? Click here
  • Conference up to 3 wireless headsets for shadowing, monitoring, training or conference calls
  • Pair up your wireless headset to TWO bases – this is unique to Discover headsets
  • Fastest battery recharge – 45 minutes vs. 3 hours on other brands
  • Visual battery charge meter so you’ll know how much charge you have
  • No dead battery in the morning if you forget to place it in the charger at night.
  • Noise canceling microphone and adjustable headband

The Discover D901 gives you a lot of versatility and convenience unrivaled by any other brand which makes it a very smart choice!


Any product is only as good as the company and warranty behind it. Warranties matter in spite of the fact that warranty discussions normally take a back seat to other things like features, comfort etc. Still, don’t overlook the value and importance of the warranty behind the product you select. The Discover D901 comes with a full 2-year warranty which is twice the industry norm of 1-year. Even better, advance replacements are standard with the D901. This means you won’t have to send in the defective unit before a replacement can be shipped. This is the ultimate warranty service coverage and it comes standard with the Discover D901. Less waiting, less downtime and less time cradling that handset on your shoulder!


When searching for the best wireless headset for phone, it wouldn’t be complete until the matter of price enters into the discussion. After all, these things aren’t free, right? Discover headsets are priced at, or below comparable models. This means you won’t pay more and chances are good you’ll pay less while still getting all the great features, comfort, sound quality and warranty. We even offer trade-in credit for your old headset equipment which can make a Discover D901 an even better value.

GOT OLD HEADSETS YOU CAN TRADE IN?  Why not trade them in for credit which will lower your costs, reduce clutter around your office and help the environment too. We’ll even cover the shipping costs!

Click below to request your free trade in quote today.


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