When A Headset Exchange Is Needed, An Advance Replacement Sure Beats The Alternative, Here’s Why.

businessman with headset and smile pointing at man cradling a phone receiver

businessman with headset and smile pointing at man cradling a phone receiver

Whether you have a brand new headset or one that’s getting on in age, you’re going to need a replacement product at some point. When you do, the way your vendor handles the replacement can make a world of difference to you, especially if you rely heavily on your headset to do your job.

In this blog installment I’d like to share a few thoughts on why advance replacements are a much better experience for you versus the alternative.

To begin

Nobody likes waiting. . .

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Today, its becoming more rare to find a vendor that will advance replace headsets for you. In the past, Plantronics was one of the few manufacturers that would. This has changed though and they no longer offer that service. To be fair, Jabra and Sennheiser don’t either. There is one vendor that gladly provides advance replacements, Merritt Communications. Small enough to provide you with a personal experience but big enough to get the job done on a timely basis.

Why's an advance replacementbetter-

Most people who use headsets really count on them. To many, headsets are part of their daily tools used to perform the job. When the tool is taken away by a failure or malfunction, it’s noticeable and it has a negative affect on productivity and ones mood. Naturally, the faster that this problem can be resolved, the quicker you’ll see a boost in performance and outlook. So, it stands to reason that having a replacement sent out before shipping the defective unit in helps to speed up the process.

The alternative is to:

  • Disconnect the defective unit
  • Locate a shipping box and packaging material
  • Pack it up and seal it
  • Arrange to have it shipped out
  • Provide the vendor with the shipping tracking number
  • wait for your defective unit to be received
  • wait for your replacement product to arrive

Instead, you can simply

  • notify your vendor of the problem,
  • confirm your shipping information
  • wait to receive your replacement  

Granted, you’ll still have to ship out the defective headset, but you won’t need to do this before a replacement can be shipped to you. This gets you back up and running more quickly and helps to minimize the downtime and frustration that goes along with not having your headset to use.

Vendors and manufacturers alike don’t like to do advance replacements. One of the reasons is the difficulty in getting the defective units returned. Once the replacement is received, the urgency is resolved which can cause the return of the defective unit to become less of a priority and in some cases, the product never gets returned at all.

When shopping for headsets, one question to ask is if your vendor offers advance replacements. If they do, all the better (for you).

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