5 Things that make the Discover D902 the best Call Center Headset.

businessman showing thumb up for a Discover D902 wireless headset

businessman showing thumb up for a Discover D902 wireless headset

If you’re in the market for new wireless headsets for your Call Center, you’ll want to check out the new Discover D902, binaural long-range wireless headset. If getting the best bang for your buck is something you like, then this is where your buck stops!

In this blog I’m going to introduce you to the Discover D902 double ear long-range wireless headset and provide you with some sound reasons why you should give serious consideration to this headset. I’ll also point out some unique features only found on this brand that can be a real help to you.

Everyone enjoys having good quality. Food, clothes, cars and yes, even headsets for use in your Call Center. Of course you want the best Call Center headset, but what is that anyway? Best is a term that can be individually defined and for sure, varies from person to person. So, in order to help remove that inconsistency, I’m going to provide what our customers tell us they want in a Call Center headset.


Especially in a Call Center, where headsets are worn for long periods of time during the day, comfort ranks high on the list of importance. The Discover D902 assures long-term comfort for these reasons:

  • The D902 weighs less than most binaural wireless headsets in its class
  • The headband is adjustable so you can size it to your head to enhance the fit and feel.
  • The ear speakers rotate so you can position them at the angle of your ears. This assures that the speakers conform to the shape of your ears and not the other way around.

Sound quality

In a Contact Center, Agents continually speak with a very wide assortment of people throughout the day. Some people may have fantastic hearing, while others might have hearing that’s not so good. The D902 has a few features that help to assure that you’re heard crystal clear and that you hear well too.

  • Noise canceling microphone to help eliminate unwanted background noise
  • Flexible mic boom so you can position the microphone in the optimum location
  • Doughnut shaped, leatherette ear cushions. These are the best ear cushions available to help seal out noise while providing your ear an unobstructed, direct path to the sound stemming from the ear speaker.
  • Volume adjustments. You have the ability to raise or lower both the ear speaker volume as well as the volume that regulates your voice. This allows you to fine tune your headset so you can be easily heard without the need to continually repeat yourself.
  • Compatibility adjustment. The Discover D902 base has a button that allows you to move it to different settings. Each setting allows the headset to work with different types of telephones. Place this button in the right setting and static and feedback are eliminated leaving you with awesome sound.


Call Centers today typically use either iP endpoints such as Cisco, Polycom or Avaya or possibly Softphones. The Discover D902 has the ability to work with both. If you’re using iP phones but planning on migrating to Softphones down the line, the Discover D902 has you covered either way. It can connect to 98% of all desk phones and can also connect, via USB, to a PC, Laptop or MAC. When the Softphone migration takes place, you won’t be shopping for new headsets if you’re using the Discover D902. That saves you time and in the end, saves you money. Both are winners in my book.

Some helpful features found on the Discover D902 wireless headset include:

  • Up to 1200 feet of wireless range – this is the longest range wireless headset in the industry. Other brands typically offer a range up to 350 feet. More range translates to more use options for you and your staff. Click here to read more about how the different headset brands stack up in wireless talk range.
  • Dual connectivity – connect to your desk phone and also to your PC for webinars, video calls, music and more. Use one headset for both, not two separate ones.
  • Fast battery charge – get a full charge in 45 minutes vs. up to 3 hours for other headsets. You’ll spend less time waiting for your battery to charge with a D902.
  • Visual battery charge meter – the charging base contains a visual battery charge meter that shows you how much charge remains in your headset. No unexpected call drops which means better service to your clients and less frustration.
  • Conference feature – conference up to 3 headsets together for shadowing, training, coaching etc.


Warranties differ from brand to brand and vendor to vendor. The ultimate warranty service is advance replacements. Advance replacements provide you with a replacement headset prior to you shipping back the defective unit. This shortens the time before you receive your replacement and also shortens the amount of time you’re using a temporary headset or cradling the phone on your shoulder. All Discover wireless headsets, including the D902, carry twice the warranty (2-years vs. 1-year) and provide you with advance replacements. Decide on a Discover D902 and your purchase will be unconditionally guaranteed for the full 2-years. This provides you with comforting peace of mind. Like to read more about headset warranties? Click here to see one of our other blogs on this subject.


Of course price plays a role in deciding on the best Call Center headset. You want the best value and you want it backed by a reputable company.

The Discover D902 long-range wireless headset is normally priced below comparable brands and gives you more in the way of features and warranty coverage. So if you’re looking for a great value in a comfortable, solid sounding long-range wireless headset, look no further than the Discover D902 binaural wireless headset. If you want to lower your costs even further, we’ll give you cash or credit for your old headsets. Trading in your old equipment not only lowers your costs, but helps to reduce clutter in your office and keeps the headsets out of the landfill.

If new headsets are in your plans, contact us and we’ll be glad to give you some assistance.

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