Call Center Headsets that give you more, but cost you less

Discover D711 and D712 and image of scales showing more and less

Discover D711 and D712 and image of scales showing more and less

If you’re a Supervisor or Manager of a Call Center, you’re no stranger to headsets. Headsets are a key tool that allow you to get the job done. Most all Call Centers use headsets and for a lot of excellent reasons, but when it comes time to update your headsets, what’s the best product to get?

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you to a brand of wired headsets that you might not be familiar with. Although these headsets are lesser known than brands like Plantronics or Jabra for example, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the great value to be had by adopting these headsets as your new standard. In the process, you’ll get a really nice headset.

Plantronics is a headset brand known around the world and without question, the undisputed King of headsets. Though they’ve earned that position of distinction, that’s not to say that there aren’t other brands worthy of your time to consider. In this blog, I’m going to present one brand that gives you more, but costs you less and who doesn’t like being on the receiving side of that?

Rather than waiting until the end of this blog to spring the brand on you like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I’m going to get right to it.

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Discover is a new brand of wired and wireless headsets that are perfect for Offices and Call Centers. Call Centers commonly purchase wired headsets and reserve the use of wireless for Supervisors and Managers who have need to roam the floor. The two models I’ll discuss here are the Discover D711, monaural, single ear wired headset

Discover D711 monaural wired headset

and the Discover D712 binaural, dual ear model.

Discover D712 binaural wired headset

Discover headset logo what makes this headset brand a better value?

  • Warranty. Most Call Center wired headsets offer a 2-year warranty. Though this is a good amount of time, longer is always better when it comes to warranties. Raising the bar further, the Discover D711 (monaural) and the D712 (binaural) headsets come with a full 3-year warranty. That’s a full year of additional warranty,  peace of mind and cost avoidance. If you’d like to learn more about warranties and their differences, check out one of our other blogs on this subject by clicking here.
  • Advance replacements. Length of warranty is important but so is how replacements are handled during this warranty period. Below are the three most common ways that headsets get replaced.
  1. Your replacement headset will be shipped once the defective unit is received

2. Your replacement headset will be shipped once you provide the tracking number for the shipment of the defective headset.

Golden colored cup trophy with handles3. Your replacement headset will be shipped in advance of a tracking number or receiving the shipment.

The Discover D711 and D712 both come with advance replacements. This is the gold standard by which to measure all other vendors and the level of service they provide. Advance replacements helps reduce the waiting time for the replacement headset and minimize the amount of time you’ll be cradling the phone on your shoulder.

  • Noise canceling microphone. In busy Call Centers, you don’t want your callers hearing others talking in the background or any other ambient room noise for that matter. The Discover D711 and D712 both feature a high quality microphone with excellent noise cancellation. The mic boom is flexible too so it can be bent and placed in the optimum speaking position which enhances voice sound quality.


  • Reinforced cable. Given the high volume use that wired headsets are put through, it’s easy for them to develop problems. One area in particular that’s susceptible to failure is in the headset cable. Discover wired headsets feature reinforced cables that are stronger than most brands. This gives you better assurance that you won’t experience crackling or cutting in and out of voice while getting longer usage.


  • Plantronics compatible Quick Disconnect. If you’re currently using Plantronics headsets, cables and amplifiers, the Discover D711 and D712 both use a Plantronics compatible quick disconnect. This means that you won’t need to replace any of your headset infrastructure (cables and amplifiers) in order to take advantage of Discover headsets. Simple plug and play!


  • Professional grade sound quality. If a headset has everything except professional sound quality, you really don’t have much of a headset. Discover headsets have sound quality every bit as good as the major brands. Sound quality matters and Discover headsets deliver so you can rest assured that you’ll hear and be heard crystal clear.


  • Price. Why change brands unless you can see improvement to your bottom line? Converting your headsets to the Discover brand will save you money initially and down the line. You’ll have a longer warranty that helps to avoid headset expenditures thanks to the extended warranty coverage. But saving money isn’t enough which is why all the other advantages, when brought together, helps to illustrate the great value the D711 and D712 really are.

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Feel free to contact us for a free demo of the D711 or D712 wired headsets. We’ll be glad to rush you out a sample to test out for a full 60 days. No cost and no obligation!

Thinking about updating or refreshing your Call Center headsets?  Why not trade in your old headsets and further lower your costs?  You like saving money, right? Trading in your old stuff can trim even more off the cost of the new headsets.

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