Considering A Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset? Read This Before Pulling The Trigger. (Infographic)

wild west gun with a flag from the barrel that says don't pull the trigger on a plantroics cs530

wild west gun with a flag from the barrel that says don't pull the trigger on a plantroics cs530

Not everyone can wear a headset that goes over the head. This can be for a variety of reasons such as personal preference, migraine headaches brought on by the pressure of a headband or maybe because it messes up your hair. All are valid reasons to seek a headset that offers a different wearing style. In cases like this, most people would search for a headset that can be worn over the ear rather than over the head.

In this blog I’ll provide you with some information on the Discover D903 wireless headset that’s very similar in design to the Plantronics CS530, but has a number of meaningful advantages. So, if you’re considering the CS530, you’ll definitely want to read this.

Check out the similarity between these two excellent products

Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 wireless headset tops

As you can see, the Discover D903 and Plantronics CS530 headsets are very similar in their design. Both are worn over the ear, both have a noise canceling microphone for removing unwanted background noise, both have adjustments for hearing volume as well as mute and a call control button for taking and ending calls. Similar, but very different as you’ll see by reading below.

magnifying glass and Discover D903 and Plantronics CS530 with saying of dare to compare

Below is a features side-by-side comparison that will help illustrate why the Discover D903 is a much better value in an over the ear wireless headset.

Discover D903 CS530 comparison

The thinker pondering and the words final thoughts

Both headsets are fantastic. Both sound great, are comfortable, have noise canceling microphones, support remote call answering with handset lifters or Electronic Hookswitch Cables (EHS Cables) and both are backed by a great company, Merritt Communications whose been helping customers with headsets for over two decades. So, no matter which direction you choose, you really can’t go wrong, but the Discover D903, as you can see above, gives you A LOT more. More warranty, more connection options, faster battery charge, a customer replaceable battery (which is huge because the CS530 requires the headset to be replaced when the battery no longer holds a charge at a rate of about $150.00). Your battery won’t be dead in the morning either if you forget to put it on the charger at night. The Plantronics CS530 battery will be dead in the A.M. each time you forget to place it in the charger which is one of the technological differences between these two brands. Both are good, we just feel that the D903 gives you more for your money.

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