Looking For A Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset? Here’s A Better Choice.

Here's a wireless headsetthat beats the competition!

The Plantronics CS510 wireless headset is a very popular model. It’s comfortable, has good sound quality and it’s reliable. All are good reasons to justify considering the CS510 when in the market for a new monaural style wireless telephone headset. That is, until now.

This blog will introduce you to the new Discover D901 monaural wireless headset that’s designed to not only compete with the Plantronics CS510, but to show that it’s a better headset value once you know the facts on how they compare.

When someone is shopping for a Plantronics CS510 headset, they want:

  • Comfort
  • Great sound quality
  • Reliability
  • Features
  • A decent warranty
  • A fair price

Let’s see how these two industry heavyweights compare.

black icon of an easy chairComfort

When you compare the weight of both of these headsets, the Plantronics CS510 model is noticeably heavier. Being lighter makes the Discover D901 more comfortable to wear and a better choice. If you wear a headset throughout the day, this seemingly minor point can make a real difference when it comes to how you feel at the end of the day.

black icon of headset with wireless connectionSound Quality

In blind sound quality tests, the sound quality on both headsets were viewed as being the same with no appreciable advantage going to one model or the other. The point to be made here is though you might not be aware of the Discover brand, the sound quality equals that of the industry leader. As a result, you’ll sound every bit as good on a Discover D901 as you will on a Plantronics CS510.

a meter that shows reliability levels as a percentReliability

The failure and return rates on the Discover D901 are no greater than the failure and return rates we’ve experienced with the Plantronics CS510 over the past 5 years. With this in mind, you can expect to have a very reliable and dependable wireless headset to count on in the Discover D901.

animated tree with multiple icons showing different things.Features

This is where the Discover D901 really shines when you compare its features against the Plantronics CS510. Check out the comparisons below.

Wireless talk range: D901 wireless talk range: up to 1200 feet – Plantronics CS510: up to 350 feet. As you can see, the Discover D901 gives you three times the wireless talk range. This gives you more flexibility in how you can use your wireless headset and that can make a big difference when it comes to customer service and work efficiency. If you’d like to read one of our other blogs on how the major brands stack up for wireless range, click here to check it out.

Connectivity: D901 connects to a desk phone AND to a PC – Plantronics CS510 connects to a desk phone only. If you move to a Softphone in the future, or need desk top video conferencing or want to do webinars, then you’ll need to purchase a second headset. No listening music while working either if you’re on a CS510. In a sense, purchasing the Discover D901, compared to the CS510 makes you significantly more future proof.

Battery talk time: The Discover D901 provides up to 9 hours of talk time – Plantronics CS510 up to 9 hours. Newer versions of the CS510 have a battery talk time rated up to 13 hours but only if used in the narrow band mode and not wide band. Wide band mode is for use with HD phones such as Polycom, Cisco and others. If used in wide band mode, your talk time will be significantly reduced. Would you like to see how the major brands compare for talk time? If so, click here to check out one of our other blogs on the subject.

Battery recharge time: Discover D901 recharges your batter in 45 minutes – Plantronics CS510: 3 hours. If waiting is your thing, then the CS510 is the answer. If waiting isn’t your thing, then clearly the D901 has a huge time savings advantage over the CS510.

Battery condition when left off charger overnight: The Discover D901 will turn off automatically when not in use. This means if you leave your headset off the charger overnight, you won’t arrive to work the next day with a dead battery. With the CS510 your battery will be dead in the morning because it doesn’t turn off. The headset will then be unusable until recharged and forcing you to use a phone receiver for a 3 hour period until the battery can get recharged. Everyone, will occasionally forget to put their headset on the charger before leaving work, it’s just a fact. The D901 has a huge advantage in this area.

Visual battery charge meter. The Discover D901 has a visual battery charge meter. This informs you how much battery charge you have available. This meter can also be used to let you know how far into a recharge you are. No guesswork, no unexpected dropped calls, no problems. With the CS510 there isn’t a visual indicator only a quiet audible beep tone in the earpiece when the battery is running out. Both models approach battery charge notifications differently and it’s up to you to decide which is best.

Conferencing. The Plantronics CS510 can conference up to a total of four headsets where a Discover D901 can conference up to three. A slight advantage for the CS510. However, the D901 can pair one headset to two different bases which the CS510 can’t do. So, in this category, I’d say they’re about equal with a slight edge maybe going to the D901.

server hand with tray holding a rolled up warranty documentWarranty

As with wireless talk range, more is always better. The Discover D901 comes with a full two-year warranty with premium advance replacement service. This means that if a replacement is needed, a replacement product will be promptly shipped out before we receive your product return tracking information or the product itself. The result is you receive your replacement much faster and minimize the time you spend using a phone handset which is known to be very inefficient.

Plantronics offers a one-year warranty and no advance replacements. Though they offered this service in the past, they’ve since ceased this service.

If having longer peace of mind, saving money on replacement equipment and having in-warranty equipment exchanged in advance appeals to you, then the Discover D901 warranty has got a better program for you.

If you’d like to check out one of our other blogs on warranty comparisons, click here.

graphic with a dollar sign and an arrow point up and also downPrice

The price of the Plantronics CS510 and the Discover D901 are comparable but in most cases, you’ll pay less for a Discover D901. Saving you money, giving you a longer warranty, advance replacements and some useful and unique product features all add up to a far better value.


For the same or less money, you’ll get:

  • Twice the warranty
  • Your headsets replaced in advance when needed
  • Connection to your desk phone AND to your PC
  • Three times the wireless talk range
  • Four times faster battery charge time
  • No dead battery in the morning if you leave your headset off the charger over night
  • The ability to connect one wireless headset top to two different charging bases
  • The ability to see how much charge is in your battery
  • A lighter, more comfortable wireless headset

Taking all this into consideration, I’m sure you’ll agree that the Discover D901 offers you a better value over the Plantronics CS510.  Though the CS510 is a solid headset, the D901 simply gives you more and in most cases, for less.

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