7 Points To Consider When Shopping For New Avaya Headsets.

Discover D901 wireless headset

Discover D901 wireless headset

Avaya telephones are a very popular brand and have been for a long time. For those who use these phones, having a good quality, comfortable and compatible Avaya Headset is very important.

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you to a wireless headset that’s packed with features at a very reasonable price and guaranteed to be compatible with your Avaya phone. Meet the Discover D901 single ear, long-range wireless headset.

Discover D901 wireless headset







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Not only is this Avaya headset guaranteed to be compatible with your phone, but it provides up to 3 times longer wireless talk range than any other headset available. Having extra range gives you a lot more options on how and where you can use your headset. Click here to read more on how longer wireless talk range can be helpful.

2.Dual connectivity with phone and PC icons

This Avaya wireless headset not only connects to your phone, but it can also be used with your computer. We’re often asked “why would I use a wireless headset with a computer?” The short answer is for things like webinars, web-based training, desk top video conferencing, listening to voice messages, listening to music while working and more. Desk top applications that involve video and voice are on the rise, so it makes sense to have a wireless headset that can keep pace with the way you work.

3.black icon of an easy chairHaving an Avaya headset that’s comfortable helps with all day wearing. Many people work in busy Offices or Call Centers where comfort reins supreme. After all, who likes ending the day with a splitting headache? The Discover D901 is one of the lightest monaural style wireless headsets in the industry today. This light weight translates into comfort because when it comes to headsets, lighter is always better.

Adding to light weight comfort, the Discover D901 also features an adjustable headband so you can size it right for you and the ear cushion is mounted on a ball and socket that allows it to rotate and pivot at different angles making for a custom fit.


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Though comfort is very important, it doesn’t mean much unless you have good sound quality to go with it. Feeling comfy but sounding bad isn’t a recipe for success. The Discover D901, when used as your Avaya headset, will provide you with excellent sound quality. We’ve performed blind sound quality tests and the Discover D901 ranks up there with the most well-known brands in the industry. In fact, in most cases, testers couldn’t tell a difference in sound quality between the Discover headsets and any other brand.

5.icon of a battery and an AC power plug

Having sufficient performance from your Avaya headset battery is important too. You want a battery that will give you all day usage and not take forever to charge. The Discover D901 battery charges in a lightning fast 45 minutes compared to other models that typically take around 3 hours.

Discover gives you a full 9 hours of talk time and if you forget to place your headset into the charger before leaving work, you won’t come to work the next morning facing a dead battery. ¬†With other headsets the battery will be dead in the morning and result in a 3 hour delay until you can use it.. The Discover D901, D902 and D903 are the only headsets made that can make this claim. This feature is particularly helpful when you come to work in the morning facing a busy day.

6.icon of three businessmen collaboratiing on the phone

If your Avaya headset could wirelessly collaborate with a couple other co-workers, that would likely be a benefit to you. Mobile conference calls, collaboration activities and more can be accomplished with the Discover D901.

You can add a couple of participants to your call without the need to schedule a conference room or find the ever elusive conference phone. Instead, pair up three headsets to the D901 base and everyone can go their separate ways while still be connected on the call. A great feature that’s very useful. The D901 also allows you to pair one wireless headset to two separate bases. Discover is the only brand that can do this too!


Normally, products with a lot of features come at a price, normally a higher one. The Discover D901 Avaya headset costs no more than other brands that offer less. Considering you don’t pay more, but you get more and compatibility is guaranteed, that adds up to a great wireless headset value. Speaking of value, did I mention that you get a warranty that’s twice as long? Sweet just got sweeter…

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