Shopping For An Avaya Headset? Here are 2 GREAT Options!

Discover D901 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

Discover D901 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

In the market for Avaya Headsets? Not sure which wearing style is best? Are you pondering the wearing choices of over the head and over the ear? Both of these wearing styles are uniquely different and provide the wearer with quite different wearing experiences.

In this blog I’m going to point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Further, I’m going to comment specifically on the Discover brand of wireless headsets as pictured above. I’ll attempt to answer the question why would someone looking for new headsets for their Avaya phones select either of these two different wearing styles.

First and foremost, selecting one wearing style over the other largely comes down to…..

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If you’ve ever worn headsets for your job, you know what I’m talking about here. You might be a person who prefers an over-the-head wearing style because you can’t seem to ever find an earpiece model that will stay on your ear. Conversely, you might prefer an over-the-ear style headset because you can’t wear headbands because they give you headaches or mess up your hair. Whatever the reason for your preference, most people have them which clearly steers them in one direction or the other.

Discover D901 and Discover D903 wireless headsets

Generally speaking, you won’t be heard differently but where you could see some difference is in the hearing volume.

A monaural headset has a speaker that’s placed against the ear and it’s typically covered by a foam cushion. Foam is porous which allows sound you want to hear to escape and sound you don’t want to hear to enter.

This can be improved by replacing the foam ear cushion with a leatherette cushion. The situation can be further improved by selecting an Avaya headset that goes in the ear vs. over the head and against the ear.

In-the-ear style headsets direct sound straight into the ear canal. This prevents sound from escaping and forms a plug to help keep background noise out. A better Avaya headset for a noisy environment is a binaural headset, or Duo. The Discover D902 is a good example of a Duo headset that works well in noisy environments.
Discover D902 wireless headset


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Have sensitivities to things over your head? Try an over-the-ear or behind the neck headset and you’ll be happier because headbands can cause migraine headaches for a lot of people and the fix is easy.

Don’t like getting your hair messed up from a headset headband resting on it all day?  Seriously?  You don ‘t like that “headset hairdo” with that stylish dip in the middle? If not, then an over-the-ear or behind-the-neck style headset would be a good choice and your hair goes untouched. Mission accomplished!

Have small ears? If so, finding an on-ear headset, as you know, can be a challenge. Many opt to go with an over-the-head style headset in these cases because over-the-ear headsets don’t fit them right and can even fall off when in the middle of a phone call.

Would you like fries with that? Image does play into headset selection for sure. Some of our customers have said that they prefer an on-ear headset because they don’t want to look like they’re working at McDonald’s. If you have a similar mindset, then you’ll want to steer away from an over-the-head style in favor of an on-ear model that are small and discreet.

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No matter which way you go, either of these Avaya compatible headsets will work perfect with your Avaya phones. Personal preference does matter as does personal sensitivities, ear size, image and the ability to hear in noisy environments. So ask yourself a few questions about your wants, your needs and your sensitivities before making a buying decision and by doing so, you’ll end up with a headset best suited for your situation.

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Discover D903 wireless headset

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