5 Reasons Why This On-Ear Cisco Headset Is The Best

Discover D903 wireless headset and Cisco logo

Discover D903 wireless headset and Cisco logo

A lot of people who use headsets prefer the type that’s worn over the ear. This can be for a whole host of reasons, but in the end, that’s the preferred wearing style. Further, among headsets that are worn this way, wireless models are among the most popular.

Realizing the popularity of wireless headsets and the popularity of Cisco Voip phones, this blog will introduce you to an excellent Cisco wireless headset that’s guaranteed to be compatible with your phone. See five key reasons why this headset is your best value.

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Fair question. I’m talking about the new Discover D903, on-ear, dual connection wireless headset. Though it’s a newcomer to the wireless headset arena, it packs a big punch in a compact design and gives you more for your hard-earned money.

Discover D903 wireless headset

Below are five good reasons why this should be your next Cisco headset.

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When wearing an on-ear headset, it’s doubly important to have one that’s light and comfortable. Over-the-head style headsets distribute the weight evenly across your head via the headband. On-ear models, by contrast, place all the weight on the ear so it underscores the importance of having one that’s comfortable.

The Discover D903, on-ear model is just that…..comfortable. Many of our customers say that they don’t even know that they’re wearing it. Combine the smart design with the super soft ear tips that conform to the shape of your ear and you have a winning combination.

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Hey, let’s be honest here. What good is a headset if it doesn’t sound great, right? It can be comfortable, have a great price tag and have features through the roof. All that doesn’t matter a bit if it makes you sound like crap or you simply can’t hear your callers clearly.

We’ve conducted several blind sound quality tests to see how Discover headsets compare to the well-known brands. Consistently, our testers scored Discover headsets equal to, or better than, the leading brands. This means that when you purchase a Discover Cisco headset, you can expect to have sound quality second to none. After all, isn’t that what you want in a headset?

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Today, more than ever, audio and video apps are finding their way to our desk tops. In order to engage with these applications, you need a good quality headset. In some cases, people use two different headsets because theirs can’t connect to both devices (desk telephone and computer). Needless to say, it’s much more convenient and efficient if you have a product that can connect to both.

A nice feature on the Discover D903 is it connects to both devices seamlessly. During the setup you connect the Discover base to your phone and to your PC. Once connected, you simply press one button to activate the phone and one button to activate the computer. Your choice! Simple, efficient, great sounding and a very useful feature to have for phone calls, webinars, listening to voice messages, video conferencing calls or just listening to music while you work.

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If you’re shopping around for a Cisco headset, you should just end the search right now. A lot of wireless headsets don’t give you much in the way of talk time before recharging is needed. The Discover D903 gives you 9 hours of talk time which is 33% more juice than a similar designed product such as the Plantronics CS530. And, the CS530 doesn’t allow you to replace the battery when it no longer holds a charge. You have to replace the headset for $150.00 plus.  The D903 replacement battery runs $19.99 and you can replace it yourself in 1 minute or less.

If you’d like to read one of our other blogs on how the talk time on different brands compare, click here to read more.

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Warranties don’t matter, right? That is, until you need some help. The norm in the wireless headset industry is 1 year coverage. Differences among vendors exist as to how they service you too. Are you required to ship back a defective product before a replacement can be dispatched, or is a replacement sent out in advance? The difference can be significant especially in the amount of time you spend on a handset and not on your headset.

So, when you’re looking for your next Cisco headset, know that the Discover D903 gives you twice the warranty and ADVANCE replacements. Best of all, you get free lifetime support which is pretty awesome. Just call or email us and we’ll do our best to help you with whatever issue you’re having. Our support is top-notch and our customers love it.

Care to read more on warranties and how they differ?  Check out this blog to learn more.

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