9 Tips You Can Implement Today To Provide WOW Service

First off, have you ever come across a company and said WOW they went above and beyond? Or they made this whole process easy? From an order, to the first conversation to a return, how EASY is it to do business together? 

Whether your in person or on the phone lets see exactly what WOW service even looks like. 

Tip #1- Friendly At Every Step Of The Way

Whether a customer is looking to make a small purchase or a large purchase, from beginning to end if everyone is friendly that WILL go a long way. Whether they talk to sales, service or support, if its consistent that everyone is on board and friendly, it will be a pleasure for the customer to do business with you and best of all… come back again and again. Friendly will never go out of style. 

Tip #2- SPEED Wins

Have you ever emailed a company and got a response 24 hours later or never… or you call a company and get about 50 rings with no one answering the phone? Whether a customer, prospect or co worker emails or calls me, I am obsessed with SPEED.

When the phone rings one time answer it quick. When an email comes in don’t take your time to respond, get that answer and respond quick within 5 minutes! If you don’t know, simply respond back to the customer and say you’re working on getting an answer. Don’t forget to respond back once you get the answer.

Speed is very simple to implement and separates you from the competition. Your customers or first time visitors will be impressed and even more impressed if they’ve had bad experiences from other companies who simply don’t respond or take their sweet time. 

Tip #3- Be Helpful

Whether you know an answer or not try your best to be helpful and figure out solutions, not what you can’t do. For example if someone inquiries about a product you don’t offer, instead of saying “sorry I know nothing about that”, do a quick search for what they need and send them somewhere else that can better help. They will remember that and treat you like an information source, so the next time they need your product or service, you’ll be remembered not the competition. At this point the customer will be more inclined to help you if you need a favor or want to ask for a referral since you helped them. 

Tip #4- Make It Easy To Do Business

Make it SIMPLE to do business with you. For example our company has just about every payment method a customer would use. You can call us on the phone and a rep can take your order quick, on our website you can check out with your credit card, your PayPal account or even your existing Amazon account with your credit card information already on file.

Moral of the story is make it as easy as possible for your customer to do business with you in the form that makes it easiest possible for your customer base. 

Whatever you do, do not and I REPEAT do not make it difficult for the customer to pay you money for your product or service. Unless you want that customer to go elsewhere after frustration sets in. 

Tip #5- Communicate With The Customer

Make it apart of your process to be proactive with orders. Whether there’s a delay with a shipment, a product is back ordered or there’s a question you don’t have a quick answer for, keep in touch and proactive with the customer. If you don’t keep the customer in the loop and there’s a delay of any sort, you’re most likely going to get a call that you don’t want to get when you have to break the bad news! 

Tip #6- Show Off Your Knowledge

Be trained in the products you’ll be talking about and your customers will thank you. First off, it’s going to be a much better experience when you know what you’re talking about.

If you’re trying to WOW, don’t follow companies like Wal Mart who sell everything but not one person can help you or even show you where a product is located at. 

Don’t wait for your company to provide you every single piece of knowledge. Instead step up and take it upon yourself to learn everything you can about the product in your space or department, so when someone asks you’re the expert and you avoid saying “UHHHHHH” “HMMMM” “Great question sir”. If you don’t know go to town on getting an answer QUICK. Everyone can respect effort in trying to actually help.

Tip #7- Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up.

If you’re providing a product or service, ensure you’re proactive in following up to ensure you’re there to answer any questions.

Don’t sit back and think if you haven’t heard from a customer that they’re happy. Actually it’s the opposite, when someone orders something and they’re not happy, in many cases they won’t even let you know and will have a bad thought of you or your company. Or they think it will be a hassle to get some help. Or even worse they jump online and write a bad review when that could have been avoided if you were proactive! 

Following up to ensure a customer is happy shows two actions:

  1. You care and want to make sure they’re happy
  2. You’re readily available to help address any concerns to best help

Tip #8- Don’t Be A Robot

Be yourself but be professional. Stay away from slang and call the person on the other end by their name. Everyone loves hearing their name! I’m not against scripts but I’m definitely not a fan of keeping people in a box to only follow a script.

I believe it’s a better experience for a caller on the other end to hear some personality from different reps but following a common system of being friendly, polite, knowledgeable and the list goes on. 

Tip #9- Invest In Yourself Or Your Employees

If you’re in the office making or taking many phone calls invest in products like a stand up desk, wireless headset, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse, books and.. coffee most importantly! 


WOW to me means be memorable. Think of your business in a way on how you can be different or go above and beyond.

Zappos stocks all products in their own warehouse and they also overnight a shipment to a customer on their first order. Amazon dominates their market by offering insanely good prices and convenience of the fastest shipping on earth along with everything else they do. Les Schwab employees come running out to you as soon as you park your car. The list goes on but you get my point.

Most importantly follow the basics of being friendly, knowledgeable, easy to contact and helpful. Follow these basics and you’ll separate yourself from the crowd, after all who likes Vanilla when you could have Neapolitan?

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