How To Pair Up Different Models Of Plantronics Savi Wireless Headsets For Conferencing And Training.

Over-The-Air Pairing - Savi 700 Series 2

Plantronics Savi wireless headsets are very popular and a premium product. Not only do you get connection to desk phones, computers and a mobile phone, but you can connect up to 4 headsets to one base. This is helpful for collaboration as well as training and monitoring.

This blog will walk you through the steps on pairing¬† Savi headsets that are different models. Because their charge cradles are all different, pairing up unlike models requires that you follow the on-air process as they can’t be placed into a common cradle.

Here’s what you do to get your headsets paired up for conferencing or training.


Plantronics Savi W720, W740, W730 and W710 wireless headsets


The Savi wireless headset base has two lights on the lower section of the front. The subscription button is the one located on the left. Short press this button.

Step 2 Savi Conferencing 3


Next, locate the headset volume adjustment and hold the volume UP / + button until the indicator light on the headset is solid.

Savi 710, 740, 730 vol button 2


Now, the LED on the master base should stop flashing yellow and green and remains yellow, the pairing process is nearly complete. Next, in the master headset you should hear a beep tone which is a request from the remote headset to join your call. The master headset has 10 seconds to accept the request. Accepting is done by pressing the call control button on the master headset.

Guests can remain through multiple calls or, they can drop off by pressing their call control button or placing the headset into the docking/charge base. Also, if the master headset is docked, it will end the conference. In the master headset, a tone will be heard as each party drops off the call.

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