Wireless Headset For Phone And What Is Bluetooth

Bluetooth Logo and sound waves plus two Plantronics wireless headsets

Bluetooth Logo and sound waves plus two Plantronics wireless headsets


bluetooth logo and word art saying history

The name Bluetooth is recognized globally for the standard in wireless connectivity. Bluetooth connects devices from the Medical field, business, entertainment and more making it a very versatile way to connect devices. So what’s behind this odd name?

Ironically, the name Bluetooth dates back to King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson from Scandinavia in 958 where he was most known for his ability to unite Denmark and Norway as well as for his dead, blueish colored tooth. Hence the name “Bluetooth”

In the mid 90’s a group that composed of Representatives from Intel, Ericsson and Nokia met to plan the standardization of a new radio frequency designed to connect different products and industries with the intent of establishing a global standard.

The name Bluetooth was originally used as a temporary name but over time, the name held and gained popularity and recognition quickly so the team decided to keep the name.

The Bluetooth logo is a combination of two ancient monograms or runes that when merged together make up one design, the Bluetooth logo design.

Bluetooth is a short-range, wireless radio frequency that provides up to 33 feet of wireless connectivity. In most cases though you’ll get less so it’s not good for those wanting extended wireless range such as in an office environment.

fast forward to today

Today, the most common type of Bluetooth headsets are those that are worn over the ear and are typically used with mobile phones but can connect to other devices such as iPads, PC’s and more. One popular Bluetooth example includes the Plantronics Voyager Legend shown below.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth wireless headset


Another version of the Voyager Legend (Legend CS) allows for connection to a mobile phone as well as to a desk telephone and with a USB dongle, you can use it with a PC too. In all cases, the wireless range is limited to a maximum of 33 feet which can be limiting to a lot of people.

Plantronics Voyager Legend CS wireless headset


The other thing about Bluetooth headsets is the limited battery life. Commonly 3-6 hours. For those who need all day communications and are heavy phone users, Bluetooth headsets aren’t the logical choice. Instead, you’ll want to consider a  DECT wireless headset such as the Discover D901.

Discover D901 wireless headset

DECT Headsets Offer:

  • Longer battery life and talk time (8-13 hours or more are common)
  • 10 to 20 times the wireless talk range compared to Bluetooth
  • Connection to desk phone, PC or mobile phone
  • Remote call answering – answering calls when away from the desk
  • More wearing options (on-ear, mono, duo and behind the neck)


If your needs call for connectivity to a desk phone, mobile phone and to a PC, then the Plantronics Savi 700 series wireless headset is a great choice.

Plantronics Savi 740 wireless headset


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Bluetooth headsets are great when used in their proper environment. That is, with mobile phones, tablets and to a certain extent, with PC’s and Bluetooth enabled desk phones. Realizing the short wireless range and limited talk time suggests its uses are for shorter periods and limited wireless mobility.

If your needs are more office related and the amount of talk time and range are more crucial, then a DECT wireless headset would be more useful over a Bluetooth model.

Both headset types serve their purpose. It’s important for you to know what your specific needs are so you can decide which to select so you can avoid finding yourself dissatisfied and looking for the best way to make a return.

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