Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headsets Now Connect To Your PC – Read This For the Scoop

The Plantronics CS510 Now Connects To Your PC (2)

The Plantronics CS510 is a very popular wireless headset and up until now, could only connect to a desk phone. That’s all been changed with a new accessory that can be used with the CS510 headset.


Today, the need for PC connectivity is increasing due to an expanding amount of applications designed for use on our PC’s. A few of these applications include:

  • Desk top video conferencing
  • Webinars and web-based training
  • Softphone applications
  • Listening to voice messages on the PC
  • Listening to streaming music 
  • Listening to audio books

In the past, using a Plantronics CS500 series wireless headset didn’t allow you to use it in this way. These headsets, such as the Plantronics CS540, CS530, CS520 and CS510 models worked only on the Desk Phone.

The new Plantronics APU-75 UC Adapter has now changed all this. But as great as this is, and it is great…..

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  1. You are required to disconnect the telephone interface cable, Lifter or EHS cable before you can use the APU-75.
  2. You then connect the APU-75 when you want to use the Plantronics CS500 wireless headset with a computer
  3. Then, disconnect the APU-75 cable and reconnect the telephone interface cable, lifter or EHS cable when you want to use the headset with a Desk Phone.

Though not ideal and as seamless as a true dual connection headset, this APU-75 UC Adapter takes an already good headset and simply makes it better by giving it added capabilities. That isn’t a bad thing and can help you to extend the life of the headset by giving you more ways to use it.

If you have any questions about this or anything else headset related, contact us.  We’ll be happy to help and the support is free.

If you’d prefer a wireless headset, like the Plantronics CS510, but with one touch switching between Desk Phone and your PC, request a free 60 day demo on the new Discover D901 long range wireless headset. You’ll have seamless switching between desk phone and PC, twice the warranty, three times the wireless range in a lighter, more comfortable wireless headset. Click here to read more on how these two headsets compare. A Side-by-side comparison is below too.

Plantronics CS510 and Discover D901 side by side comparison

If you’d like to lower your costs, why not trade in your old headsets for credit towards new? You’ll pay less, you’ll clear out some of the clutter around your office and you’ll be doing mother earth a huge favor!  Click below to get a trade in quote today.

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