Did You Know That Your Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset Now Works With A PC?

CS530 & PC connection

How would you like it if your Plantronics CS530 wireless headset could be used with a computer?  That would be pretty cool, right?  In the past, that’s something that just wasn’t able to be done….until now.

INTRODUCING the APU-75 UC Adapter (3)

The APU-75 UC Adapter is your communication link between your Plantronics CS530 wireless headset and your PC.

In the past, your CS530 headset could only be used with a Desk Phone. Though having a hands free, wireless headset for your phone is extremely helpful and convenient, it left you unable to use the same headset with a PC.

Today, there are a lot of ways where having a wireless headset connected to your PC is helpful and makes you more productive. Desk top video conferencing, Web-based training, retrieving voice messages and even listening to music while working to name just a few.

The APU-75 UC Adapter helps to make your Plantronics CS530 a more versatile, useful business tool by giving you more ways in which you can use it. This added versatility can extend the amount of time you keep the headset. This can improve the cost benefit relationship of your headset investment.

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3 things to know about using the Plantronics APu-75 UC Adapter

This means that you can’t “toggle” between desk phone and PC with a simple press of a button. Instead, it’s a one at a time endeavor. Whichever cable is plugged in at the time is the device you can use. APU-75 plugged in? You can use your CS530 with the PC.

Telephone interface cable plugged in? You can use your CS530 headset with your desk phone.

Though this setup isn’t ideal, it’s certainly an improvement to an already good headset.

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