3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Refurbished Headsets Over Buying New

Plantronics CS540 wireless headsets new and refurbished in boxes

Plantronics CS540 wireless headsets new and refurbished in boxes

Most people appreciate a good value. That is, getting the most for their money or bang for their buck.

At the same time, a lot of people in business struggle with budgets never seeming to have enough money for the things they need to get the job done.

One thing that can help ease these pressures and frustrations is to consider purchasing refurbished equipment, and in this case specifically, refurbished headsets.

If you have a large Office or Call Center with a lot of people on the phone, headsets are a must-have device that helps enhance worker productivity while reducing on-the-job injury through improved ergonomics.

businessman standing at fork in road deciding on new or refurbished


Save money


stretches your budget


Helps the environment


All these great reasons wouldn’t matter much if the refurbished product you receive isn’t comparable to new.  Below are two headsets labeled Headset A and Headset B. One is brand new and the other is refurbished. Can you tell which is new and which is the refurbished model?

new Plantronics CS540 headset and a refurbished one

Pretty hard isn’t it? If you selected Headset A as a new headset and B as the refurbished, give yourself a pat on the back. But you have to admit, they look pretty much the same wouldn’t you agree?

At Merritt Communications, we pay careful attention to the look and condition as well as performance of our Certified Refurbished Headsets. They’re thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, performance and sound quality tested, new battery installed with new ear loops, ear gel, comfort sleeve and headband all included. It’s hard to tell the refurbished headset from new. Oh, I almost forgot, there is another difference….the box.

Plantronics CS540 box and Plantronics CS540 refurbished headset box.

When you order refurbished headsets, you should expect to see them arrive in generic packaging rather than the manufacturers original packaging.  Though these headsets come in a generic box, they’re professionally packaged, includes all the parts and pieces and a quick setup guide.

Last but not least, you need to know how long the warranty is for the refurbished headsets. Some Resellers offer warranties as short as 30 days.  When it comes to warranties, longer is better so make sure you know how long the warranty is on any refurbished headsets you’re considering.

As you’ll see below, the warranty on a Plantronics CS540 wireless headset for example, is 1 year. Merritt Communications is one of the only companies to offer same as new, full 1-year warranty including advance replacements on wireless headsets. We back our products unconditionally.

Warranty - How Long Is It-

With refurbished headsets from Merritt Communications you will:

3 reasons refurbished equipment is good

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