Your Plantronics CS520 Headset Now Works With Your PC. Here’s How.

CS520 now works with PC (1)

If you’re like the many thousands of people who use a Plantronics CS520 headset you know that it only works with your Desk Phone. That’s a good thing because the headset is very good and it helps people in a variety of ways.

Plantronics has stepped up its game by introducing an enhancement to the CS500 series family of headsets.  Drum roll please…..


The key improvement that this newly released cable provides is to extend the usefulness of the CS520 by giving it the ability to be used with a PC, MAC or Laptop in addition to a desk phone.

Some might ask why would I want to use my Plantronics CS520 desk phone wireless headset with a computer? Here are a few of the uses that this cable can provide.


icons for video conferencing, webinars, voice messages, music

As you can see, there are a number of ways that a Plantronics CS520 when connected to a computer would be beneficial and the applications being developed for the desk top is only increasing.

As good as this new feature is for the Plantronics CS520, it does have a catch.

image with fish in water with saying that says what's the catch

unplug the current cables


connect the APU-75


disconnect the APU-75


In spite of the required connecting and disconnecting of cables, the fact that a cable has been produced to help extend the uses for the Plantronics CS520 is a good thing. Having this added capability can help to avoid the need for a headset replacement should your company migrate away from Desk Phones and over to Softphones which is a common trend today.

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