4 Tips On Fixing Echo In Your Plantronics Wo2 Wireless Headset

I've got echo2

If you use or plan to use Plantronics Wo2 Savi wireless headsets, you made a good choice. These headsets are the ultimate wireless headset for versatility, comfort and sound quality.

Like with any headset, you’ll have moments when something just isn’t working or sounding right. What do you do? Where do you go to get some troubleshooting assistance? Getting the right help for your specific issue can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we made this Plantronics Wo2 Savi wireless headset troubleshooting guide for helping you to resolve echo in your Wo2 headset.

With that said….graphic that says let's get started

One of the most common issues reported across all makes and models of headsets is


How do you correct echo in a Plantronics Wo2 wireless headset?  Here’s what you should try

turn the phone vol down



check your mic positiontwo images of a woman wearing and adjusting her headset microphone


turn down the mic

drawing of the settings compartment for the Plantronics Wo2 base.



check compatibility

Plantronics Wo2 drawing of compatibility adjustment


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