5 Things You Can Easily Do To Fix Static in Your Plantronics Wo2 Wireless Headset

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Nobody likes static. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your hair, that shock you get when you get up from a chair and touch something metal or even that crackle sound you can get in a Plantronics Wo2 headset.

Truly, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get static in your headset, it’s more a matter of when, and when you do, Ghostbusters isn’t who you’ll need to call.

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We may not be Ghostbusters, but we can help bust problems when it comes to your Plantronics Wo2 wireless headsets. Contact us anytime and we’ll be glad to help you.

In this blog, I’ll cover some tips on things you can try that are known to help resolve static in Wo2 headsets. If you find success in any of these suggestions, I’d appreciate it if you’d comment, like, share or follow.

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Static, in a Wo2 wireless headset can be cause by many things. The first thing I’d like you to do is to perform a reset.

Do a reset

In many cases, this approach fixes static and other issues. If not, move on to number 2.


Do a firmware update

Problem resolved?  If not, try number 3


check compatibility

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Problem resolved?  Chances are that by the time you’ve tried numbers 1-3, your static should be eliminated.  If not, you can try number 4.


check connections

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Any luck yet eliminating the static?  If not, we’re nearing the end of our list of things to try.  Still, you can consider the points below as possible causes of your static problem.


Miscellaneous things to check

If you have access to another headset like yours (co-worker, spare headset etc), try replacing each component listed above one at a time. You may find the cause of your static problem by doing so. For example, if you replace your connector cord (telephone interface cable) with one from a working headset and your static problem vanishes, you can conclude that your problem is stemming from a defective interface cable. The same approach could be taken with the other things on the list as well.

Hopefully one of the suggestions in this blog have helped to eliminate the static in your Plantronics Wo2 wireless headset.  If so, we’d appreciate it if you’d comment, like, share or follow. You can always contact us for free headset assistance too.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Easily Do To Fix Static in Your Plantronics Wo2 Wireless Headset

  1. I am getting feedback over my mic. I can hear everything perfectly but other people hear static. Any suggestions for how I might be able to fix that?


    1. Hi Sam, without hearing what’s going on it’s hard to fully troubleshoot what you’re experiencing. If you give our support team a call at 1-800-683-5715 we’d be glad to help further to see if we can get this headset working for you. In most cases within 5 minutes we can get these headsets working with further troubleshooting steps!


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