7 Illustrated Steps To Installing the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter

Installing the Plantronics HL10 Lifter (2)

Whether you’ve inherited a Plantronics HL10 handset lifter or whether you’ve acquired some new ones, this guide may be helpful to you in knowing the best way to install it.

Anyone who has installed an HL10 in the past knows the importance of getting these devices setup correctly. An improper installation can cause a number of annoying and productivity killing issues. Hopefully this guide will help you to avoid any of that.

To begin, the Plantronics HL10 lifters come in two versions.

HL10 straight plug lifter connector

So if you have a Plantronics Savi 710, Savi 720, Savi 730 or Savi 740, this lifter will plug into it just fine. It also works with CS510, CS520, CS530 and CS540 models. This HL10 version does NOT work with CS50, CS55, CS70N, CS351N, CS361N wireless headsets.

The other version of the HL10 is

plantronics hl10 lifter right angle plug

If your lifter has this type of connector, it’s designed to be used with the last generation of Plantronics wireless headsets such as the CS50, CS55, CS70N, CS351N, CS361N series headsets. This lifter can be used also on the  newer CS500 series and Savi 700 series headsets.

OK, you’ve got the right HL10 lifter for your specific headset and you want to get it installed on to your desk telephone.  Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

line drawing of plantronics hl10 lifter being attached to a desk telephone


Plantronics Savi 710, Savi 720, Savi 730 and Savi 740 wireless headset tops

Hold the lifter in place under your phone handset as your press your headset call control button. Make sure that you have a charge in the headset battery when performing this task.


plantronics Savi 740 wireless headset earpiece

test for dial tone

plantronics CS540 wireless headset and HL10 lifter line drawings


remove the tape


plantronics hl10 line drawing showing it being attached to a desk phone


graphic of a hand with the wording push beneath it.


If you have questions or need some help, contact us. We’ll be glad to assist and the service to you is free of charge.

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