Plantronics APC-4 Setup Guide For CS50, CS55, CS351n, CS361n or CS70n Headsets

If you have an older CS series (CS50, CS55, CS351n, CS361n, CS70n) Plantronics wireless headset and want remote call answering with your Cisco telephone using a sidecar, then you’ll need the APC-4 EHS cable and the extension cord part number 85638-01.

Follow the quick setup image below and your APC-4 EHS cable will be setup in minutes. 

Note: the APC-4 EHS cable has been discontinued and is no longer being manufactured.

Compatible phone models: 

Cisco 6945, 7821, 7841, 7861, 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861 and 8865.

Plantronics APC-4 Setup Side Car

Proper settings:

Plantronics APP-5 proper settings

Box full of old headsets

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