How To Tell How Much Charge You Have In Your Plantronics Savi Wireless Headset

Plantronics Savi wireless headsets and an image of batteries with various charge amounts

If you use a Plantronics Savi wireless headset, you know that it’s hard to determine how much charge you have in your headset battery.

  • There’s no battery meter on the headset
  • There’s no full-time battery charge display on the headset base

You only have a low battery audible tone in the headset earpiece. If you’re on a call and the battery is low, you’ll hear a repeating single tone every 15 seconds.

If you’re NOT on a call and you press the call control button, you’ll hear three low tones which tells you that your battery is low.

animated person looking at plantronics Savi W730

The Plantronics Savi does have two ways of VISUALLY informing you of your battery charge level.

  1. By downloading Plantronics Hub software
  2. By short pressing the Savi base subscription button


1. HUB SOFTWARE. If you download Plantronics HUB software, you’ll have additional features available to you.  One feature is you’ll see how much battery charge you have in your headset. This is what you’ll see on your PC tray if using this software.

icons of a headset reflecting different degrees of battery charge

If you’d like more information on HUB software, click here to learn more.


2. BATTERY DISPLAY VIA THE SAVI BASE. When idle, or not on an active call, short press the base subscription button once to get information on the battery level. The computer, mobile and desk phone LED’s will light up, indicating your battery charge level.  Below you’ll see the different displays for various charge levels.

battery base display

So whether you’re using the Plantronics HUB software or not, you’ll still be able to visually see how much charge is in your Savi wireless headset. If you’re a visual person who prefers to see things, this feature can be helpful to you.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance for anything headset related, contact us and we’ll be glad to help and our assistance is free of charge!

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