Plantronics CS540 Or Plantronics CS530, Which Is Better?

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If you’re in the market for new wireless Plantronics headsets and an on-ear style is on your radar, then the Plantronics CS540 and Plantronics CS530 are two models that should be on your short list.

Why would you want to consider an on-ear headset over one that’s worn over the head?

  • On-ear headsets don’t mess up your hair.
  • On-ear headsets don’t have that “super size me” look of a headband headset.
  • On-ear headsets don’t encourage headaches.
  • On-ear headsets are discreet and lightweight.

That said, if your search for the perfect wireless headset has your eyeballs parked on the Plantronics CS540 and Plantronics CS530, which would be the better choice?

Below are some points that you can consider in helping you with your decision. Up front, you should know that both headsets are excellent, but there are differences. Let’s have a closer look to see what makes them similar and what makes them uniquely different.

wireless signal icon and the words wireless talk range

CS540 – Up to 350 feet  –  CS530 – Up to 350 feet


talk bubble saying talk and an icon of a clock and the words battery talk time

CS540 – Up to 7 hours   –   CS530 Up to 6 hours

Click here to read more on headset talk time.

icon of a headband headset and the words headband available?

CS540 – Yes, included   –   CS530 – No headband option available, on-ear wearing only


icon of desk phone and computer asking connection to desk phone and computer?

CS540 – Yes, connect to computer with optional APU-75 cable   –   CS530 – Yes with cable


3 call center agents icon and wording of multi-headset pairing for conferencing

CS540 – Yes, up to a total of 4 attendees   –   CS530 – Yes, up to a total of 4 attendees


battery icon and wording of customer replaceable battery?

CS540 – Yes, about $30.00 to replace   –   CS530 – No, you’re required to replace the headset top when the battery won’t hold a charge. Approximate cost $160.00.


icon of sound wave with line through it and wording of noise canceling microphone

CS540 – Yes, standard   –   CS530 – Yes, standard


animated call center agent and wording of able to answer calls when away from the desk

CS540 – Yes, with optional Lifter or EHS Cable   –   CS530 – Yes, with optional Lifter or EHS Cable


icon for wideband and narrowband audio

CS540 – Yes, both settings are standard   –   CS530 – Yes, both settings are standard


warranty paper rolled up and the word warranty

CS540 – 1 year   –   CS530 – 1 year

If you’d like to learn more about how headset warranties differ view our blog by clicking here.


icon of a battery and a clock with wording of how long to recharge the battery

CS540 – 3 hours   –   CS530 – 3 hours


icon of sound bars with plus and minus with wording of adjustments for listening vol speaking vol & mute

CS540 – Hearing volume adjustment, speaking volume adjustment & mute

CS530 – Hearing volume adjustment, speaking volume adjustment & mute


icons of right left and an ear with wording of left or right ear wearing

CS540 – Yes, you can wear on either ear   –   CS530 – Yes, you can wear on either ear


icon of hand with dollar and a price tag with wording of how do they compare

CS540 – MSRP $319.95   –   CS530 – $329.95   Merritt Communications offers both headsets for much less and even better pricing for refurbished models that carry a warranty same as new. We even have a trade-in program too. 


As you can see, there are a number of areas where these two headsets are the same while other areas help to show their differences. The more popular model between these two headsets is the CS540. The reasons are likely due to it being the lightest wireless headset in the market as well as it coming with ear loops and a headband for dual wearing options.

Still, you might prefer the Plantronics CS530 wearing design as it too is very popular. Though it weighs slightly more than the CS540 model, the CS530 is also very light and comfortable to wear, even all day.

If the CS530 wearing style appeals to you, check out our blog that compares the CS530 to the new Discover D903Click here to check this blog out.

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