2 Of The Best Headsets For Open Space Office Environments

Working in an open space office environment has changed how we work and the tools we use to get our daily jobs done. The open space office can be a great thing if done right but it can also be distracting and unproductive in other cases. 

According to the Gensler’s 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey this is what was found:

  • 53% of employees are disturbed by others when trying to focus
  • 42% of employees use makeshift solutions to block out distractions in the workplace
  • 77% of employees prefer quiet when they need to focus

Based on these statistics noise in the open space office is a productivity killer! Check out the two headsets below that can help reduce unwanted background noise and increase productivity.


Plantronics Voyager Focus UC with MDA220

voyager focus uc-mda220

The Plantronics MDA220 bundled together with the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is a 3 in one solution for an open space office to kill that background noise. You can seamlessly connect to a corded desk phone, computer or your mobile phone! The best part about it all is you’ll be 100% wireless.

When it comes to an office headset that fully encloses your ears and connects with a corded desk phone, you’re very limited!

Featured Benefits:

  • Seamless connectivity to your desk phone, computer and mobile phone for an all in one solution
  • 100% wireless up to 98 feet and 12 hour battery talk time on a single charge
  • Dual speakers fully covering your ears with active noise cancellation reduces unwanted background noise


Discover D902 Long Range Wireless Headset

Discover D902 wireless headset

The Discover D902 wireless headset is a desk phone and computer connection headset that is binaural to cover both ears. Unfortunately the Discover D902 doesn’t fully enclose your ears but it it will be much better in your loud open office space than a single ear office headset or cradling a handset.

In addition, the D902 is rated up to 1200 feet of wireless range (400-600 feet in a typical office) which is 2-3x longer range than any wireless office headset available. So, if you want long range, connectivity to a desk phone and computer with binaural speakers, the D902 will help get your job done more efficiently.

Featured Benefits:

  • Binaural speakers to reduce unwanted background noise
  • Up to 9 hour battery talk time and 1200 feet of wireless range to walk and talk on your phone calls
  • Connectivity to a corded desk phone and computer for seamless use


If you have any questions about a headset or compatibility in your open office space, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help. 

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