Answers to the 7 Most Common Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter Problems

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If you use a Plantronics wireless headset and have a Plantronics HL10 handset lifter for remote call answering, you might have questions.

There are a number of things that can be confusing or problematic where a little guidance could be helpful.

This blog will point out the most common questions when using or setting up the Plantronics HL10 handset lifter.

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Here are the top issues on the Plantronics HL10 as reported over the years by our customers.

  • The lifter doesn’t lift high enough for it to work properly
  • I’m not sure where the HL10 lifter plugs in
  • I don’t hear a beep in my headset when my phone is ringing
  • I hear a beeping but I don’t know what it means
  • The lifter sometimes hangs up on my callers
  • The lifter doesn’t hang up the phone correctly
  • I don’t know how to set up the HL10

Let me address these issues and hopefully you’ll get a nugget of information that can help solve a problem for you.  If not, remember, you can always contact us for FREE support. I know, I know,  nobody does that anymore right? But we’re kind of old-fashioned that way and believe in helping.


If you have this problem, the lifter won’t raise the handset high enough out of the phone cradle to receive an incoming call or provide you with a dial tone. If this is your situation, raise the height adjustment on the Plantronics HL10 up one click as shown below.

Plantronics HL10 handset lifter diagram showing how to raise the height

The other thing you can try is to increase the angle of your phone as shown below. This too can be a solution for this problem.

Line drawing of three phones at different slopes


where to plug in



You might not know where the Plantronics HL10 handset lifter plugs in. If so, the graphic below should help point you into the right direction.

Plantronics CS351, CS540 and Savi 700 wireless headset base


No beep tone

Not having a beep tone in your headset when the phone rings can be caused by a few things. I hope one of these suggestions helps.

picture of a desk phone keypad

If your telephone ringer volume is set too low, there’s not enough ring volume necessary to trigger the headset ring tone. Turning up the phone volume can many times fully resolve this issue. You can also try changing the ringtone on your phone.

graphic of musical notes, sound waves and the word tones

Sometimes a lifter doesn’t recognize the specific ringtone. This can be due to the cadence of the ringtone not being within specifications of what the lifter requires. A quick fix to this problem is to simply change the ring tone to a different one and then have someone call you to see if it corrected the problem. If not, try another tone and repeat the test.  As a routine check, you can also check to be sure that the lifter is correctly aligned on the phone.


graphic of pieces aligned.

If the HL10 lifter isn’t aligned correctly on the phone, not only will you have problems with lifting and hang ups, but you run the risk of not having the sensor positioned directly above the speaker. This is where the sensor needs to be placed for consistent incoming call ring detection. If you’re still not having any luck getting ring detection, you can try using the external ring detector. The image below shows how to plug it in. This accessory is included when you purchase an HL10 lifter.

line drawing of a plantronics hl10 lifter

In some cases, doing this will resolve the no ring detection problem. Make sure that the round piece is stuck to the surface of your phone speaker. In the case where the speaker is beneath the lifter, locate the circular ring detector as close to the speaker as possible. Another possibility is….

bad lifter

Plantronics HL10 lifter with the word BAD over it.

If you recently purchased the lifter, contact your vendor to discuss a replacement solution. If you purchased the HL10 quite a while ago, contact us for a trade-in quote that can help lower the cost of a replacement. We have new and fully warranted refurbish models available.




When you hear beeping in the earpiece of your headset, it can be telling you a number of things. So far as this blog is concerned, beeping for incoming call notification is what I’m commenting on. If you’d like to learn more about the different beep tones and what they mean, click here.

icon of a speaker and sound waves with beep imprinted.

To answer the call, press the call control button on the side of your headset earpiece. To end the call, press the call control button again.



hangs up

You’re in the middle of a phone call and then all of a sudden, the lifter drops and hangs up your telephone handset receiver. This causes your call to be cut short and abrupt. So how can you fix this problem so that it doesn’t happen again?

increase height

Plantronics HL10 handset lifter diagram showing how to raise the height

If the height adjustment is set on low for example, with time, the angle and weight of the telephone handset can force the lifter to drop resulting in the handset receiver hanging up. Move it up one position (low to medium for example) and see if the problem returns. If so, move it up to the high setting.

battery is good

icon of 4 batteries at different charge amounts

If your battery isn’t charged or the battery is old and won’t hold a charge, you can have a problem with the lifter hanging up on its own.  Find out when the battery was replaced last. If it was beyond 2-years, replace it with a new one. Contact us if you’d like information on a replacement.



doesn't hang up right

If your lifter raises ok, but when it comes time to hang up, it doesn’t place the telephone receiver into the cradle. This results in you hearing a dial tone in your headset earpiece. So what can you do to fix this?  Here’s the best advice for this condition.

line drawing of desk phone with HL10 lifter attached

When the lifter fails to hang up correctly, this says that your alignment is off. Gently, but firmly put pressure on the lifter by pulling it upwards until it detaches from the phone. Once detached, realign the lifter making sure NOT to have the lead edge of the lifter arm encroaching into the handset receiver cavity. Up against it, but not inside it. Once repositioned, press your headset call control button a few times to check the performance. If it’s good, put firm pressure downwards on the lifter to help it adhere to the phone. If it’s not working just right, realign as necessary and test again.



HL10 setup

If you aren’t sure how to connect the HL10 lifter to your phone, here are a couple of resources that can be of assistance to  you.

  1. Here’s a link to the user setup guide 
  2. Here’s a link to a Youtube setup video
  3. Contact us and we’ll be glad to walk you through the setup of your HL10 lifter.

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