2 Step Plantronics C052 Battery Replacement Guide

Replacing the battery in your Plantronics C052 wireless headset is quick and simple. If you’ve had your headset for over a year and notice the battery not holding a charge like it once did, then chances are the C052 replacement battery will bring your charge back to new. 

What you’ll need:

Plantronics C052 Battery

c052 battery


Metallic paper clip

Step 1

Peel back the rubber cover that hides your C052 battery.

c052 battery replacement

Step 2

Take your paperclip or any tool that’s small enough to pull up the battery, then disconnect the white clips from each other and install the new battery, press the rubber flap back down and let your headset charge for at least 3 hours to get a full charge.

C052 battery replacement 2

Thats it! Your new C052 battery is replaced and your talk time should be back to new.

If you have old office headsets laying around you want cash back for, click the image below! 

Box full of old headsets


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