3 Step Jabra Pro 9400 Battery Replacement Guide

If your Jabra Pro 9400 wireless headset no longer holds a charge, there’s no need to replace the whole unit. The battery can be replaced and will bring the talk time back to new. 

What you’ll need:

jabra pro 9400 battery- Blue

Follow the 4 steps below for replacing your Jabra Pro 9400 Battery in minutes. 

Step 1

Remove the headband attachment from your Jabra Pro 9400 wireless headset. 

jabra pro 9400 battery

If you have the Jabra 9400 duo model follow the image below for locating the battery.

jabra pro 9400 battery-2

Step 2

Use the screw driver provided to unscrew the speaker.

jabra pro 9400 batter-3

Step 3

Gently remove the old battery and install the new Jabra Pro 9400 Battery.

Let the new battery charge for at least 3 hours and your talk time will be refreshed back to new!

jabra pro 9400 battery-3


If you’ve had your Jabra Pro 9400 wireless headset for over a year and notice the talk time isn’t as long as it once was, replacing the battery will take minutes and save you money vs buying a whole new headset!

Also, if you have any old office headsets laying around you want cash back for click the image below.

Box full of old headsets

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