Compatible Phones For Your Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset

Jabra pro 920 wireless headset and 4 common office phones

Jabra pro 920 wireless headset and 4 common office phones

One of the most common questions we receive here at Merritt Communications is about headset compatibility. Customers have questions about this and want to know if their Jabra Pro 920 headset is compatible with their phone.

This question can come up if a new phone has been purchased and there’s uncertainty about the existing headset being compatible with the newly acquired desk phone.

Another instance is where the phones haven’t changed but a new headset has been purchased. Again, compatibility questions arise.

This blog is designed to help you learn more about the subject of Jabra Pro 920 telephone headset compatibility. Which phones it will work with and which phones it won’t.

Let’s get right to it.


Your Jabra Pro 920 is compatible with 98% of all makes and models of desk phones.

  • Voice over iP phones (Voip phones)
  • Digital phones
  • Analog phones
  • Digital Centrex phones
  • Single line phones
  • Multiple line phones
  • Cisco phones
  • Avaya phones
  • ShoreTel phones
  • Polycom phones
  • Panasonic phones
  • Mitel phones
  • Aastra phones
  • AT&T phones
  • VTech phones
  • YeaLink phones
  • Grandstream phones
  • And more…..


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The Jabra Pro 920, along with any other make or model of wireless headset that’s designed for an office, isn’t compatible with…


cordless phone, smart phones, princess style phone



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You're good to go!!

The Jabra Pro 920 will connect to almost all phones via the HANDSET port or, if your phone has one, the HEADSET port. Either way, you can be confident that your Jabra Pro headset will work with most any phone no matter what the make or model.

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