Jabra Pro 920 Buttons Explained

jabra pro 920 headset top

jabra pro 920 headset top

If you recently acquired a Jabra Pro 920 wireless headset, you might have a question or two about how to make adjustments on the earpiece.

This blog is intended to give you some simple and basic information on how to make adjustments on your Jabra Pro 920 earpiece and base.

Let’s get started!

Ok, you’ve got your headset all set up. If not, click here to get some information on setting up your Jabra Pro 920. Assuming everything is set up and the battery is charged, here’s an explanation of what the buttons on the headset do.

Jabra Pro 920 earpiece with buttons explained


Below are other features of your Jabra Pro 920 wireless headset earpiece.


Jabra Pro 920 drawing of fetures of the headset



What about the Jabra Pro 920 base? What are the different buttons and connectors for? See below for an explanation.


back of the base


Jabra Pro 920 base with buttons and ports explained



Front of the base


Jabra pro 920 wireless headset base, front view


Below, you’ll find additional information on the lights you’ll see on the front of your Jabra Pro 920 base. This legend should help you to know what the lights on the base represent when lit up.

jabra pro lights legend

animated thumbs up with text that says did you find this information useful?


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