How To Fix Static In Your Jabra Pro 920

three Jabra Pro 920 headsets

three Jabra Pro 920 headsets

Whether you just got your Jabra Pro 920 headset or if you’ve had it for some time, you can find yourself experiencing unwanted static. In most cases, the static you hear is substantial enough that it makes the headset unusable.  So what can you do to help solve this serious problem?

This blog will provide you with a few things you can try that are known to help fix static in the Jabra Pro 920 wireless headset.



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Did this fix the static?  If not, try the suggestion below.


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Still got static?  Try the next recommendation. Hopefully this will resolve it.


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How’s the static now? Hopefully it’s gone.  If not, you can consider the troubleshooting tips below.

  • Try moving the microphone so that it’s beneath your lower lip and about two fingers width away from the side of your face.
  • Lower your microphone volume. This adjustment is to the right of the compatibility dial shown in the image just above.
  • If your battery no longer holds a charge, your poor sound quality might be associated with a compromised battery that’s not providing enough power to the headset. In the Jabra Pro 920, the battery isn’t replaceable. Contact us for a replacement headset top.
  • You could have a short in your telephone interface/connector cord.  Try replacing it with another cord known to be fine.
  • Your headset could be defective. If it’s new, contact your vendor for a replacement.


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