How To Fix Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset Static- 3 Steps

There could be a few reasons your Plantronics CS50 has static. The quick guide below will help resolve the static in your headset. For any reason the static isn’t gone after these troubleshooting steps, then chances are you have a defective Plantronics CS50.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us and we’d be glad to help further. 

Step 1- Full reset

Unplug the power from your CS50 charging base.

CS50 Reset

Step 2- Remove battery

Remove your battery door cover and disconnect the battery. 

cs55 battery removal

Step 3- Replug

Let the charging base and battery stay unplugged for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds reinstall the battery and plug the power back into your CS50 charging base.

Try using your headset now and the static should be gone. If you hear a triple beep tone or your headset won’t turn on after this step follow the CS50 pairing guide

Further troubleshooting:

If you still have static try moving the charging base as far away from your telephone as possible. Lastly, make sure your settings are set like the image below. The compatibility dial on the left side of the charging base in most cases needs to be set to number 1 but depending on the phone you have could require this dial to be changed. 

Plantronics APP-5 proper settings


This should help fix your Plantronics CS50 static but if it doesn’t your headset could be defective. Contact us today to trade in your headset towards a replacement by clicking the image below.

CTA Trade in v1


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