2 Step Plantronics Savi W440 Pairing Guide

plantronics savi w440 pairing

Out of the box the Plantronics Savi W440 wireless headset and the USB adapter come paired together. In the case your W440 headset stops working follow this quick pairing process to manually pair the headset to the USB adapter.

plantronics savi w440 pairing

Step 1

Double press the pairing button on the USB adapter until the LED light flashes red and green.

Step 2

Press and hold the volume up control on your Savi W440 earpiece until a solid white light appears, then release.

Wait for the LED light to go out on the earpiece and the LED light on the USB adapter should go solid green. Your Savi W440 headset is now paired.


That’s it! The Plantronics Savi W440 pairing process is simple and your headset should be back to working order. In the case doesn’t work, contact us today and we would be glad to help further.

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